Meditation and it’s Benefits in your Business

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Meditation and business might seem a world apart at first glance since one is largely associated with peaceful state of consciousness while the other is associated with heightened state of awareness,

stress and continuous cut throat competition in a strive to remain ahead from rivals. So it is only natural for them to appear at different ends of spectrum. But then they have synergetic relationship. There are wide array of benefits that translates well between the two.

Decrease in stress
Meditation stimulates the brain and the nervous system resulting in the increased capabilities to handle stress. Now this makes a perfect reason why business and meditation goes hand by hand. Stress is inevitable in any business and mediation helps you to handle stress much more easily. As a result, even though stress increases (sometimes exponentially), you still remain focused and clear about the situation, even though if it is the same kind of situation that previously had thrown you into the anxiety.

Heightened awareness
Business is dynamic, owing to market demands or because of competition. This can easily lead many business leaders into the state of disillusioned, shocked or totally confused. This is a non productive state of mind and it greatly impacts your ability to make the right decision or to efficiently respond to the situation. Many a times such situations results in mindless responses that may adversely impact your long term business goals.

Increases your creativity
An alpha brainwave frequency is the fourth stage of brainwave patterns and is associated with creativity. It is a common scene to see people throw themselves into the panic mode when challenged by the situation. During such situation, people often resolve to regain market share or stop falling sales. Focus gets so narrow during such time that it leads to unsatisfactory, mediocre and uncreative solutions. Creative thinking is critical in all walks of life.

Go by your intuition
Every business has its own share of challenges. In certain kind of challenges, it almost becomes difficult to decide what course of action should be taken. These business challenges arise often when you are dealing with multiple external factors. Intuition is an invaluable tool since it works as a part of your subconscious mind that exactly knows what to do. Sometimes strong institution can help you improve your personal and business relationship. Mediation calms your mind and makes it easy for your brain to see those indispensible intuitions.

Boosts your mental energy
There are several studies that have shown that meditation has the ability to boosts DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). This is a human made hormone that is secreted by adrenal gland. DHEA is helpful in enhancing memory, preventing depression, and works towards boosting overall sense of physical and psychological well-being. DHEA is also effective in improving your immune system. The benefits of better memory are obvious in business. When you go to work feeling good both mentally and physically, you increases your chance of performing better.

Meditating only for few minutes each day can make a big difference in your overall quality of life. Meditation is especially recommended during the start of day (morning). This will set your mind on the positive note and will make you ready for the rest of the day.


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