Stacey & Jadiel Catch up

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 Hi guys, I’m super excited to launch “The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast”.  Essentially, I’m doing this because I want to connect with my friends from the jungle.  I want know what you’ve been up to and I want to share what I’ve been up to.  I think it would be very cool to listen to our conversations from where ever we may be on this planet.

Keep in mind that I haven’t learned how to edit or add music or anything else. Also, the recording has some issues where it sounds like we’re talking over each other and that there’s very long pauses sometimes.  I’ll try to improve for the next one.  If you have any skills or special abilities, and you’d like to help me improve Our podcast, please reach out to me.

until then, please enjoy listening to Stacey Maroney and I catch up and talk about our future plans.  Enjoy.  And leave some comments please.

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