My fears and challenges in eCommerce

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I have many new challenges as I move forward.  Being new to eCommerce, I find the transition to be a bit difficult.  Seems like things rarely go smoothly.

I think it really helps me to stay motivated on this business when I talk to people who are also working in eCommerce.  It’s important to share what we’re working on.

Both in forums and on the phone or skype.  Moving forward  I’d like  to make my blog posts about my fears and challenges, as I build my eCommerce business.  Hopefully by sharing my fears, I will find practical solutions to my problems.  I will have a new challenge or fear to conquer every week.

Thank goodness for the “Create a Profitable Online store” course, with Steve Chou.  His course gives me an endless pool of short, informative videos that have helped me go from $100 a week to $1,000 a week in just under a month after starting Steve’s course.  And I’m not getting paid in any way to say that.

My immediate challenge is to find a vendor for my product.

Steps I’ve taken so far:

I found an eBay PowerSeller that sells an item at  a low-enough price to where I make a $16-$23 profit when sold on Amazon.  So far I’ve sold 17 of this particular item.  A $340 profit, after Amazon fees.   And all I’ve done is place the order on ebay after someone has made the purchase on my Amazon account, and then change the shipping address for every recipient.

I also found that the ebay seller where I buy the product from ships the items from a warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Which is a 40-60 minute drive, depending on traffic.

My Plan:

To drive to this location and make contact with a vendor. I wrote down all the questions to ask the vendor from the video titled :

Challenge#1:  I’m very uncomfortable talking to new people.

Challenge#2: I currently don’t have a driver licence and don’t want to risk the drive.

These are the challenges I’m currently working on overcoming.  On my next blog post I’ll tell you how I overcame these challenges.

Please share your current challenge in eCommerce.  Work on writing down a practical, real-world, step-by-step solution to overcome that challenge.

Feel free to share them with me…  Maybe I can stimulate some fresh ideas in you.

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