Closing the Loop. 6 steps to selling on Amazon, Drop-shiping from eBay. Great work from home job!

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Today, I’m answering a few questions that were left unanswered on my last post.  But before I do, I’ll briefly sum up our previous discussion. From the beginning of 2015, I’ve been selling items on Amazon and having them drop-shipped directly from eBay.

Year to date, I’ve successfully closed 196 of these transactions for a total profit of $3,325.62.  Averaging $16.96 per sale.  So far in the current month of March, I’ve closed 150 transactions for a profit of $2,221.07.  Averaging $14.80 in profit per sale.  Nearly everyday, I dedicate between 30 minutes to 2 hours working on this project.  Averaging about 12 hours per week. In the month of March, I’m averaging $116.89 of profit per day.  On track to profit well over $3,500 for the month.  I expect that number to double in April.  Only time will tell how accurate my expectations are.

Last post, I touched on focusing your efforts on finding eBay powersellers, who sell dozens or hundreds of the same item. Search for those items on Amazon and see if they’re selling at a higher price.  High enough to make a profit after seller fees, and buyer shipping and tax cost.  You’d be surprised how much wiggle room there is on millions of items currently selling on both ebay and Amazon.

Now to answer a question for my readers.  All three of you…  LOL!

 “What do I do after the item sells on my Amazon seller account”?  Well, After you jump for joy, follow these steps…

STEP 1. Go to your ebay page and find the exact item that sold.  Make sure the item descriptions are identical.   (see screenshots for better idea.)

Notice how many of the same item this ebay seller has sold.  Notice the price difference from ebay to amazon.

STEP 2. Click on the “bye it now” button.

STEP 3. Click on “change address” on the top left-hand side of the page.

Step 4. This is the most important step… Insert your buyer’s address exactly as it appears on your Amazon seller account.  Copying and pasting works best for accuracy.    Pay attention to detail to avoid shipping to the wrong address and having to pay for extra shipping costs.

STEP 5. Purchase the item.

STEP 6. Be aware when your item ships, so that you can update your Amazon seller account and get paid.

Below are some screenshot examples of how I use the Amazon seller app on my smartphone to check to see if this item would sell on Amazon, and how much profit there would be after making the purchase.

1. If you notice, in the first picture, below the title of the item, “#62,937″…  This is Amazon’s ranking for this item under this category.  From my limited understanding of how their ranking system works; the lower this number is, the more often it sells.  Anything ranked under #1,000,000 will sell within a year.

2.  Click on where it says “gross proceeds”… In the second picture, you will fill in the “cost of purchase” with the cost of the item on ebay.  Your profit will be highlighted in green. As seen below.

3. Click “List” on the bottom, right hand corner.  That will take you to the 3rd page, where you fill in the quantity of items.  This will depend on how many items your eBay powerseller has available.  Usually, if they have more than 10 available, I fill in 10.

4. The pictures below are the rest of the 3rd page.  Fill in the price.  I usually try to beat the lowest price by a few pennies.  Make sure to choose: “I want to ship this item myself”


5.  Click Continue…  Wash rinse repeat….

The following is a screenshot of my Sales tracking spreadsheet for the month of March.  As you can see, I’ve profited over $2,200 just 19 days into March.  150 closed transactions, averaging a little over $14 per sale.  Currently averaging $116.89 per day in profit.  Well on track to surpass $3,500.

Below is a screenshot of my Amazon seller account.  If you notice toward the top, left side, under “Seller Fulfilled”… 69 sold items in the last 7 days.  Every single one of those sales was drop-shipped directly from ebay.

If you notice, on the right column of the page… Over $17,800 in sales in the last 30 days.  I charged all that to my American express card.  Guess who’s getting an obscene amount of “skymiles”.  That’s right, This guy…

Have you been looking for online jobs? Or work from home jobs? If you’re anything like me you’re looking for ways to make money online.  Don’t confuse this with a way on how to make money fast. This is not a sprint, it’s marathon.  This is not easy money.  At least not at first.  I like to compare this to learning  a new language.  If you’ve ever attempted to learn a new a language, you know that it seems nearly impossible to learn.  However, with time, patience, and effort, you can actually dominate a language and communicate with it.

At first, the idea of buying something on ebay and selling it on Amazon seemed impossible.  It took me nearly 2 months to make just 1 sale.  After a while of dedication and consistent effort, and thriving toward a specific goal; something clicked in head, and it became easier to find items that would sell.  Or easier to communicate in this “language,” if you will.   Stick-to-itiveness!  That’s the key.

Was this information helpful to you?  Do you have any questions for me?  Please post them in the comments, and I will post the answers in my next blog post.  Thank you for reading.

Please click here before making your eBay purchases…


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  1. Hi Jules, when someone requests to return their item. I take their message and send it to the eBay seller. I also respond to the Amazon buyer with a very professional and courteous message. Telling them that you’ve forwarded their request to your vendor, and that you’re working on getting them their refund or exchange. I will go more in depth about this on another blog post. Thank you

  2. Can you break down the out of pocket expenses? And the time frame between spending money on your AE card and getting it back via Amazon payments? Thanks.

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