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Last week, I talked about how my sales on Amazon increased so much that I was unable to fulfill all the orders, do to lack of credit.  I finally received my direct deposit from Amazon and paid my credit card in full.

As of Tuesday, I was able to take my account off of vacation mode.  April 14th.  First day back from vacation mode, I make 14 sales.  Totaling over $1,300 in sales,  Profiting  $292.25.  Averaging about $68 a day so far in April.  My current fear is that I run out of credit in a week, like I did last time.  Limiting the amount of sales I can potentially make.  And think about the Christmas season.  By then, I estimate I would need at least a $50,000 line of credit to keep up with the holiday demand.  Right now I have a limit of $8,000, and I just got approved for another $5,000.  Hopefully that $13,000 in credit can get me through the next two weeks without having to put my Amazon Account on vacation mode again.  That gives me approximately six months till Christmas; to find a solution to my problem.  All I have to do is keep paying my credit card in full, thus improving my credit score.  With a higher credit score and a history of making all payments on time, banks will be more willing to trust that I’m a responsible, productive part of society.  Will I be able to get my credit increased by November, in order to meet Amazon demand?  Only time will tell.

Although this month got off to a rough start; with having to refund customers and loosing income for a full week,  I have still made a profit of over $1,000 for the month of April.  With two weeks to go,  I’m confident I can still make $3,000 in profit by the end of the month.

Below is a screenshot of what my Amazon seller page looks like after a week of no sales.  accept for the FBA sales.  Those weren’t interrupted.

For those of you who are new to this blog, we’ve been talking about how to list and sell items on Amazon and have those items drop-shipped directly from eBay.  I’ve been getting several questions from the readers about this technique.  Recently, I’ve received the same question several times…  “What about the invoice that the eBay seller sends to the Amazon buyer?  Won’t they see that the item was purchased at a different price than what they paid?”  This is a legitimate concern.  I also thought of this when I started doing this technique.  Here’s what I did to solve that problem… I simply sent the eBay seller a message, asking them to remove the invoice from the order.  That’s it?  Yes, that’s it.  The eBay seller has always replied in kind.  Now, as time has gone by and my sales have increased, I began getting lazy and not sending the messages to the eBay seller.  I have still never had an issue with a buyer complaining about getting an invoice from eBay…  With that said, that doesn’t mean that someone won’t complain.  As a matter of fact, do to the laws of probability, someone will eventually complain.  So, to avoid this issue, I have began, once again sending those messages to the eBay seller after every order.  I do it for peace of mind, and so should you.

When I started this eBay to Amazon arbitrage business model, I set out to find and list 3 items daily.  No matter how long it took to find.  Sometimes, it would take several hours to find all three items to list.  Nevertheless, 7 days a week, I made a point of including this as a daily life activity.  Here I am five months later, and finding items on eBay to list on Amazon is second nature to me.  I now list 3 items in five minutes. I do it when I’m standing in line at the supermarket.  I do it while watching a training video in the background.  It’s gone from being an activity that I dreaded, to an activity that now brings me pleasure.  Dopamine is literally released in my brain when I do this.  In the same way that dopamine is released in your brain when you’re on facebook.

What if for the past five months, instead of focusing on learning to sell on Amazon, I would’ve focused my efforts toward learning Chinese?  I can guarantee you that I would be able to, somewhat communicate my thoughts.  At least verbally.  Chinese has a huge learning curve.  The point is that any activity you focus your efforts on, on a daily basis, is an activity that you’re going to improve on.  This just happens to be a lucrative activity to learn.  Once you can pay your bills without wondering where your next paycheck is coming from, you can focus on learning Chinese.  Lets take one thing at a time.  What say you?

There’s no doubt in my mind that I can build this into a $10,000 a month, work from anywhere business.  Passive income is possible.  Have you been looking for online jobs, or ways to make money online?  Are you looking for a real work from home job?  Don’t confuse this with a way on how to make money fast.  This is not easy money.

As always, I welcome you reaching out to me.  Asking me questions is what keeps this blog going.  Also, If you’ve made any sales using these techniques, let me know.  I love hearing about it.  Hopefully, you find this information helpful enough to click on my eBay link before making your purchases.

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