Getting in flow… 5 easy steps to Drop-shipping from eBay and selling on Amazon for profit.

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Today we’re going to talk about flow.  What is flow?  Wikipedia defines it as “a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.”  We’ve all heard a champion fighter describe how everything slows down for him.  How he can see his opponent’s move before he makes it.  That’s flow.  How about when a writer puts out best seller after best seller?  To get there, that writer’s entire day revolved around writing.  And while he was writing, he was in flow.  There’s no other way to connect with so many people without being in flow.  Without being completely immersed in every detail of what you love.  That’s why we’re so deeply attracted to these people, because they are doing extraordinary things.  Things that we could only imagine what it would feel like to accomplish.

So how do normal people like you and me access our own personal flow?  The answer is time.  What if you were given one year’s salary to find your flow, would you find it?  How about 10 years salary, would that buy you enough time?  If you were given one million dollars, would you even be able to avoid distractions, in order to find your flow?  I strongly believe in having to earn the life you lead.  True happiness is a reward for being able to avoid distraction long enough to pursue one’s dream. Having money handed to you will not help you find your flow.  It will do the opposite.  It will make you into the person you don’t want to be.  The person who never found their flow.  I sometimes access flow during yoga or meditation.  Recently, I’ve been accessing flow while writing this blog.  I didn’t even know I was in flow, until I started receiving emails from people saying that I helped them make sales on Amazon.  Wow!  What an amazing feeling to know that I helped someone.  To find my flow, I need to help people make money online.

Here’s my dream, I’ll just put it out there…  I want to teach you a simple way to make money online.  From there, you will evolve, learn, and educate yourself on how to grow your ecommerce business.  You will conquer resistance and procrastination.  You will overcome giant hurdles in business and in life.  As time goes on, your business will flourish and generate money, month after month, with or without you.  During the time it takes you to grow a real, profitable business, you will learn new things about yourself.  Things that will help you grow into the person you really want to be.  Then one day, you will run into me on a beach in fiji, and you’ll share your story of how I helped you find your flow.  Is that dream simple enough?  Lets face it, it’s no MLK jr dream.

Here is your reward for having to read my rant about flow and dreams…   On the front page of your Amazon seller central account.  You will see “Additional popular products to sell.”  These are recommendations by Amazon, based on what you are already selling.  These give you great ideas on what to search for on eBay.  So, if you’re new to this blog, but already selling on Amazon, you simply type in the Amazon-recommended items into the eBay search bar.  If you find an eBay powerseller who sells a lot of those; check it on your Amazon seller app to see if there’s enough of a margin to make a profit.  See example below.

Step 1. After logging in to your Amazon seller central account,  Click on “Additional Popular Products to Sell.” Then View All.

Step 2.  Copy and paste the recommended items into the eBay search bar.

Here is an excellent item I found after about 30 minutes of duds.

Step 3.  If you believe you found a good item and a good seller.  Type in the exact description into your “Amazon seller App.”

Step 4.  If you found a profitable item, List it for sale…

Step 5.  Wash, rinse, repeat…

As you can see below there are 3 items currently for sale on Amazon that fit the exact description. And all three of them are profitable.  I would list all 3, and so should you.

Although it’s a very simple concept to sell something on Amazon and drop-ship from eBay, it’s not easy to put into practice at first.  Some of you have been reaching out to me for some tips on finding items and powersellers.  I hope this helps.

If you do happen to make money online based on the information I’ve provided, please help me out by clicking on the ebay ad below before making your purchases on eBay.  I would really appreciate it.


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Thank you for being you

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