6 Easy steps to finding an eBay PowerSeller… Sell on Amazon, drop-ship from eBay, Make a profit…

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For the past couple of moths, I’ve been talking about the perfect work from home job.  An amazing way to make money online.

I’ve been teaching you how I’ve been listing and selling items on Amazon, and drop-shipping those items directly from eBay.  The first step in making this technique lucrative is finding eBay powersellers, in order to piggy back off of several of their items in their store.  I’ve been getting several requests from readers, asking me to clarify how to find eBay Powersellers.  I wanted to make a video tutorial for you guys, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to post a video clip on my website.  If anyone would like to help me with that, email me at psychedelicentrepreneur@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible.  First off, you need to start with a basic eBay search.  Start with the last thing you purchased online.  To help you understand, view the below screenshot examples. I started by searching for the last thing I purchased myself on Amazon.  In the below example, you can see I searched for “sketchbook.”  You can see several sellers carry sketchbooks or similar items.  After scrolling a bit, I found “PENTALIC TRAVELER POCKET JOURNAL SKETCH BOOK, 3-Inch by 4-Inch, BLACK -NEW!” As soon as I click on this item, I can see that this is a powerseller.  On the right hand side of the second image, you can see that this seller has over 144,000 feedback.  He has the “eBay Top Rated Plus” seal, and 99.8% positive feedback.  You can also see that this seller has sold over 300 of this specific item, and has more than 10 available.  If he’s already sold hundreds, it’s okay to assume that he has hundreds left in stock.

To check if this is a good item to sell, whip out your Amazon seller app. Manually enter the title of the item in the Amazon search bar.  You can see in the example image below that there are 2 of these items currently listed.  The first option is selling at a lower price.  The second option is selling at a higher price.  After a I click on the second item, that takes us to the second image, where I enter the purchase price, and see what my profit would be after it sells.

I know you’re thinking that no one would bye the second, more expensive option, when they can get it for way cheaper.  In my experience, the higher priced items sell too.  There are several factors of why people pay more money for the same item.  1. It depends on how Amazon ranks you.  If you are a 100% rated seller, your items get a higher ranking.  Therefore, your items get seen more often than your competition.  2.  Some buyers pay a higher price for the same item just because they don’t want to deal with a lower rated seller. 3.  It’s also possible that your competition runs out of inventory.  Keep in mind there are no fees associated with listing items to sell.  You can list as many items as you would like, with zero consequence if your item doesn’t sell.  It’s not like you have to pay for the storage of these items either.  Remember it’s a numbers game.  List, list, list.

Lets recap… To find an eBay powerseller, continue with the following steps…

Step 1. Search for a specific item of your choice in the eBay search bar.

Step 2. Look for items that have sold hundreds of times.

Step 3. Click on that item, and check to see if the seller meets certain criteria…                            *Has the powerseller golden ribbon.                                                                                            *Has over 99% positive feedback.                                                                                                        *Has more than 10 of this item available.                                                                                            *Has sold hundreds of  the same item.

Step 4. Check the item description in your Amazon seller app.

Step 5.  Make sure the “Seller  fulfilled” tab is picked. If there’s a profit to be made, list the item.

Step 6. Return to the Powerseller store and see what else he has for sale.  Wash, rinse, repeat…

The images below show the powereseller’s other items items for sale.

These are the exact steps I take to find and list items that sell and leave me with a profit.  I hope you have found this information helpful.  As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  I write this blog based on your questions, so keep them coming.

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email: psychedelicentrepreneur@gmail.com

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One thought on “6 Easy steps to finding an eBay PowerSeller… Sell on Amazon, drop-ship from eBay, Make a profit…

  1. Jay, just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I just started following your system and have about 6 items listed. My first one sold Monday while I was at opening day baseball game. It was a cool feeling to get that money making notification while I was out having fun. Now I believe this works and just need to learn to scale it and invest the time. Ill keep you posted.

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