Growing your Amazon store is hard work, I’m here to help you make money online.

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A little over a 2 years ago, my life consisted of crawling out of bed at 6am, driving through for fast food on the way to a job that was causing me physical pain.  Ten years of working construction, wrecking dirt bikes, and not taking care of myself finally caught up with me.

I felt stuck.  How could I leave the only business I know?  Finally, my body started failing.  I tore muscles doing normal activities in two separate occasions.  While on rest from  my most recent injury, I decided to take the little money I had and invest it in myself.  I started educating myself on eCommerce, and how it works.  Really putting a lot of time and attention in to it.  I took risks that seemed to be irresponsible at the time.  I had to do things that I was afraid of.  I had to put myself into uncomfortable positions.  I had to accept my mistakes and learn from them.  We’ve all heard amazing stories of people who have triumphed over adversity to reach amazing lengths in life.  This is not one of those stories.  I’m just another human being living a very regular life.  I just happened to have stumbled upon something that people seem to be gravitating to.  And what that is, is making money online, using eBay and Amazon as tools to make this a reality.

Over the past few months, I’ve been bloging about how I’ve generated thousands of dollars in profits; month after month, using a very simple strategy.  The strategy is listing and selling items on Amazon, then drop-shipping those items directly from eBay.  Although a very simple concept, there are several detailed steps to take before executing a successful transaction.  I’m here to share the steps I take to make these transactions into a successful eCommerce business. To recap, the best way to get started is to go to and search for things you already buy.  Then look for powersellers who sell dozens or hundreds of the same item.  Then enter the items you find into the Amazon seller app on your smart phone.  From there you can see if it would be profitable to sell or not.  If it is, list it.  If it’s not, move on to the next item.  That’s the just of it.

Below is a screenshot of my sales spreadsheet, so far in the month of April.   Looks like I’m getting out of the rough patch I hit last week.  Since I got back from vacation mode, I’ve made over $1,200 in profit.  That’s in the last six days.  Averaging just over $213 per day.  Month to date average is $105 per day.

Below is a new screenshot of my Amazon sales report.  (I just discovered this.)  As you can see, there has been well over $12,000 in sales this month.  And nearly $2000 in profit.  That’s roughly, a 20% margin.  Not bad, for no money upfront, no inventory, no overhead…


If you’re already making sales on Amazon using these strategies, or any other other strategy you might want to try the following technique to boost sales immediately.  This will help you grow your Amazon store and increase your sales potential.  Changing the price of your items will increase the chances of it selling.  Whether this price goes up or down.  Heres the logic behind that.  Sometimes people shop on Amazon, put things in their shopping cart, then forget about it.  When you change the price of an item, Amazon automatically sends an email to whomever has that item in their shopping cart.  Informing them that their item has changed price.  They don’t specify if the price has gone up or down.  This email creates a sense of urgency in the buyer.  Thus increasing the chances of that item selling.  This technique never fails.  Whenever there’s a slow day.  I simply go through every item in my inventory and change the price by $0.05, or match the lowest price.  The sales come in, nearly instantly. I also change the price of an item, immediately after it sells.

If you find this information helpful, and you’ve made some sales using these strategies, please help me by using my eBay link below to make your purchases.


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2 thoughts on “Growing your Amazon store is hard work, I’m here to help you make money online.

  1. What is the idea behind changing the price after an item sells (the last concept mentioned)? I understand the change to stimulate sales, but if an item has sold, how does that necessitate a change? Thanks, Jay.

    1. Hi Rich, the idea revolves around people adding an item to their cart then forgetting about. When you change the price of an item that is in someones cart, Amazon automatically sends them an email notifying them the price on an item in their cart has changed. Thus creating a sense of urgency, making the buyer more likely to buy.

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