Selling on Amazon, Sourcing from eBay… Making mistakes while growing your business

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When I started  writing this blog, I promised myself that I would be completely transparent when sharing my journey in my eCommerce businesses.

So I feel obligated to share everything about this business, both positive and negative.  For the past few days, I’ve been dealing with quite a few complaints from some of my Amazon buyers.  The complaints are completely validated.  I made a mistake with a listing, and sold 8 of these items during the month of March.  The images below show the items in question.  The first image shows the Item I listed on Amazon.  The second image shows the item that the customer received.  As you can see, they’re very similar.

Out of the 8 items that sold, I’ve been contacted about 2 of them so far.  As a result, I’ve refunded both customers in full.  I’ve also let them keep the item as an apology for my mistake.  Since the mistake was mine, I don’t have a claim against the eBay seller.

The image below is a screenshot of the message from a customer, complaining about his item; my response to him and his response back to me.  (Read from the bottom to the top.)  As you can see  I fessed up to my mistake right away.  I apologized, and offered the best solution possible.   The reason it is so important to keep your customer happy, is to avoid negative reviews on your account.  My account status is much more important than the $46 it cost me to buy the item for the customer, and make him happy.  Also, I know what it’s like to be an unhappy customer.  It totally sucks when the seller gives me “the run-around.”  Essentially, I treat the customer as if it were me with the complaint.

The image below is a screenshot of my sales spreadsheet for the month of April.  As you can see, even though I’ve had over $150 in losses for the month, I’m still in the black over $240.  Averaging about $48 per day.  Well below My average for March.  It was an unfortunate situation, but it’s all part of the learning process.  Mistakes are an important part of growing a business.  Being aware, recognizing the mistakes, and learning from them…  That’s how to evolve to the next step in  your business.  By writing about this, my intention is to help you avoid the same mistakes I’ve made.  With that said, you’re going to make your own mistakes.  They are inevitable.  How you handle your mistakes moving forward will determine the success of your business.

What do you think?  Is this the work from home job you’ve been waiting for?  Do you think you can make money online by implementing these techniques.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.  Let me know.  Reach out to me with any questions or doubts at or like my facebook page:

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I’m more than happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Thank you for being you

4 thoughts on “Selling on Amazon, Sourcing from eBay… Making mistakes while growing your business

  1. Your exceptional customer service is one that would make you succeed more Jay. I am learning a lot from you and I hope to be able to pay it forward 🙂

  2. Jay, nicely done. It can be devastating at first to be confronted with a problem but dong the right thing is always the best. Thank you for sharing the email exchange!

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