Selling on Amazon is a game. Have fun while you make money online.

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Do you play games? How many hours per week are you playing “Angry birds”? How many hours per week do you spend “swiping right” and chatting up dudes and dudettes on tinder? Hey, I’m not pointing fingers, I speak from experience.

I once spent twelve consecutive hours “swiping right” on tinder. I wouldn’t even waste time looking at any of the pictures. Then spent the rest of the day messaging girls and narrowing down the “winners.” The results were to be expected… A week filled of dating woman, ranging from 4 to 7 in the looks department. Most of time continuing a nonsensical conversation that lead to me paying for dinner and drinks. All this leading to “closing the deal” about 20% of the time.

Is this called dating? I didn’t sign on for this.  I’m implementing a new dating strategy. It’s called being successful. Here’s how it works… First, I work really hard and use my time wisely in order to build a lucrative ecommerce business.  Inevitably, this will lead to freeing up my time for new and exciting, life-changing events. Traveling the world, absorbing knowledge and culture. Developing my mental capacity and evolving into a better version of me. A version of me who meets new and interesting people. Worldly people who stimulate my mind and spirit.

If you like playing games, maybe you’ll like the game I’ve been teaching on this blog. The game of making money online. You may know that I’ve been working on building an ecommerce business for the past 5 months. During this time I have implemented an arbitrage technique, using Amazon and eBay. Using this strategy alone, has generated over $4,500 in profit so far, in the month of April.  Check out my spreadsheet below.


At the beginning of the month, I estimated I would reach $5,000 in profit, for the month of April.  Remember how I started off the month  having to put my account on vacation mode, do to lack of credit?    One full week went by without making a single sale.  Yet, here I am with over $4,500 in profit, and the month isn’t over yet.  Averaging $166 per day.  7 days a week.  In the past 13 days, since I got back from vacation mode, I’ve profited $3,775.72.  Averaging $290.44 per day for the past 13 days.  I’m confident this number will increase in the month of May.

Below is the Amazon sales report for the month of April.


90% of the sales shown are drop-shipped directly from eBay.  The other 10% are fulfilled by Amazon.

Isn’t this game way more fun?  The statistics are based on real money, rather than imaginary points.  This is the game-changing opportunity you’ve been waiting for.  Are you going to take action?  Or are you going to stand on the side lines?

There are many companies out there charging thousands of dollars to teach you something valuable.  And trust me, it’s worth every penny.  I’m not charging you anything for this information.  It’s yours to take or leave.

If you really want to learn how to sell on Amazon and drop-ship from eBay, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog.  If you’re new here,  I recommend you read through a few more blog posts before submitting any questions.  This will help me be more effective at relaying information.  In the future, I plan on adding a Q&A section.

I’ve been getting emails from several of you, who have been making sales, using the arbitrage technique I’ve been teaching on this blog.  That makes me super happy. Thank you for sharing.

I can see you’ve also been clicking on my eBay link before making your purchases.  I really appreciate that. It really keeps me motivated to continue sharing my experiences with you.

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