Mo’ money, mo’ problems… Selling on Amazon, sourcing from eBay… And the problems you may encounter.

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First off, I want to start by thanking everyone who emailed me to help with my video issue.  I’m so grateful to be making a connection with so many of you.  Okay, enough mushy talk. Back to business…

Mo’ money mo’ problems… Ever since I started listing and selling things on Amazon and having those items drop-shipped from eBay, sales have nearly doubled every single month.  This month is no different.  The problem I have is that I’ve ran out of credit.  As you may know, Amazon runs payroll every 2 weeks.  Just like a regular job.  So, I have to front all the purchases for 15 days, before I get the direct deposit into my account.  As I’ve mentioned before, I put all those purchases on a credit card in order to receive skymiles.  As I write this, I’m 6 days away from my next Amazon payout, and I’ve already maxed out my credit limit.  If you notice the screenshot below; I made nearly $4,000 in sales on Tuesday.  Which is equivalent to about $400 in profit. This was by far, the most amount of sales I’ve made in one day.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fulfill all the orders, and I had to put my account on “vacation” mode to stop any more sales from coming in.

As I’m working on getting my credit increased, I decided to share my problem with you.  For those of you who take this seriously and treat it like a real business, this is definitely something you may have to deal with.  Don’t get me wrong, growing your business so fast that you can’t keep up with the demand is a great problem to have.  But a problem that needs a solution, non the less.  A solution that I intend to share with you as soon as I find it.  Just think of the sales that can potentially come in for you during the Christmas season…  Mother’s day!  There’s plenty of time to build this into the business you’ve always dreamed about.  But it’s going to take hard work and determination.  If you’re willing to put in the work, I’m here to help you along in your journey.

Below is my Amazon/ eBay sales spreadsheet for the month of April.  Every single one of these sales have been fulfilled by eBay.

Below is my Amazon seller central page…  The Alert you see at the top represents the fact that the account is on “vacation mode.”  Notice the sales for the last 7 days on the right hand side.  Crazy, right?  (These sales also include FBA sales.)

Is anybody else convinced that this is a legitimate way to make money online.  I have been an entrepreneur for many years and I’ve never been able to scale a business this fast.  What a great “work from home job” or “work from anywhere job.”   Passive income really is feasible.  What are your goals?  How much money do you want to make on a monthly basis?  Are you willing to learn and apply what you learn?  Are you willing to put in long-term effort, in order to enjoy the benefits in the future?  If you think this is a “get rich quick scheme,” don’t try these techniques.  Simply because they won’t work in a short period of time.  Building a real business is like raising a baby to a full grown adult.  It takes time and patience.  Mistakes are inevitable.  Stick to it and you’ll be a very proud parent of a successful business.  (Says the guy with no kids, haha)

If you do happen to make a little extra income from applying some of the things we talk about here, please reach out.  I love hearing the feedback.  I would also really appreciate it if you used my “psychedelic eBay” link below to make your eBay purchases.  You’re going to make those purchases anyway, might as well click on my link first…


Please email me your questions, I’m here to help you on your eCommerce journey.

Thank you for being you.

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