A Psychedelic Approach to Selling on Amazon: 6 Easy Steps to Dropshipping from eBay.

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If you’re new to selling on Amazon, welcome to the club. Only six short months ago, I was new too. We all had to start somewhere.

just_launchedRecently, one of my newest students reached out to me with disappointment. He says that ever since I started my blog, there’s been too much competition on Amazon.

I’m flattered, but that’s highly doubtful. The fact is that there are 17 subscribers to my blog. According to Amazon, there are are over 2 million sellers worldwide.

Focus on the task at hand. Are you making excuses not to succeed at this business? Then you’re going to make excuses not to succeed at any business.

In fact, if that’s your attitude, in general, you will more than likely fail at life, in general.

Mind your own business.  Who cares if there are new sellers on Amazon?  That shouldn’t get in the way of your success.  But it will if you let it.

You can be intimidated by the fact that there are other people selling the same things as you are.  Or you can take action and move forward while building a real, profitable business.  The choice is yours.

Meanwhile, for those of you who decide to stick around for the rest of the class,  I’m going to show you a few easy steps to finding an item on ebay, then selling that item on Amazon for a profit.

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Back to basics…

Step 1.  Search for an item on eBay.  Any item will do.  

For this example, I searched for the term: sweeper in eBay.  Below, are my results…  The red arrows are there to indicate what to look for when searching for an item to sell on Amazon.

You’re looking for an item that sells a lot.


Step 2.  Make sure the eBay seller meets certain criteria. 

*Make sure the seller has enough of this item in stock.

*Make sure the seller has over 99% positive feedback.

The below example is a good example because there’s plenty of inventory, the item sells often, and the seller has a good rating.


Step 3.  Copy the title of the eBay item and paste it in the Amazon search bar.

As you can see below, someone is currently selling this exact sweeper for a much higher price than the eBay seller.

Step 4.  Click “Sell on Amazon”  (see red arrow)


Step 5.  Fill out the required fields.

*Select “Item Condition” As new.  (We sell new items only)

*Enter a “Quantity” of 10.  (You don’t want to add too much inventory, just incase your eBay seller sells out.)

*Match the lowest price.  (matching the lowest price is best when starting out.)

*Click on “I want to ship this item myself to the customer if it sells.”

*Click Continue.


Step 6. Click “Submit your listing”


In this case, the way to figure out your profit is to subtract 15% for Amazon fees from $46.11.  Leaves you with $39.19.  Then subtract the price of your eBay purchase.  $15.83.  Leaves you with a profit of $23.36

The idea is to list as many items as possible.  Increasing the odds of making a sale, exponentially with every new listing.

It took me about 10 minutes to find this item.  I realize that 10 minutes is a long time when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.  The only thing I can say is that persistence is key to success.  Not just in this business, but in any business.

Here is my Amazon sales spreadsheet for the month of May, so far.  Averaging over $121 per day, 7 days a week.  Averaging over 29% sales margins.  Those are incredible margins for dropshipping.  

Every transaction entered in this spreadsheet was dropshipped to my Amazon buyer from my eBay seller.


Here is my Amazon sales report from May 1 through May 19.


Is this cool or what?

Is this technique working for you?  Have you made sales?

Share your story with me.

email me at psychedelicentrepreneur@gmail.com

Thank you for using my eBay link before making all your eBay purchases.


Also, please join my NEW FACEBOOK GROUP.  This is where you can share your endeavours with like-minded individuals.  Ask questions and answer questions.  Interact with your fellow psychedelic entrepreneurs…

10 thoughts on “A Psychedelic Approach to Selling on Amazon: 6 Easy Steps to Dropshipping from eBay.

  1. I liked the Dropship Model picture, Jay. It clearly shows in one glance how this business model looks like. Very informative post!

  2. Very interesting approach, I need to read more. Would you consider this a test approach for sourcing something from China if sales really showed promise or would you continue the drop ship approach?

    1. Great question dave. This can definitely be used as a test approach for sourcing from china. This, along with market research and you have a winning niche on your hands.

  3. Does the product you sell from eBay get shipped to you or does the eBay seller ship it to the customer? Are you reshipping it? I am from Canada and wondering if this would work for me?

    1. Hi jenny, the product gets shipped directly to the customer. I would also like to know if this would work from canada. Let me know if works for you. Thank you.

  4. This is really interesting! Have a question on shipping – so when you get an order on Amazon, you have to go put that address in on ebay and ship it individually as you get orders on Amazon?

    Thanks for your help.

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