How to Avoid Getting Your Amazon Selling Privileges Suspended

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Don’t be alarmed… It is however, possible your account can be suspended for no apparent reason. According to an article written by James Amazio; creator of

James proceeds to tell his horror story of how his Amazon selling privileges were suspended, to no fault of his own.  He went from making over $50,000 in sales down to $zero.  He goes on to talk about the steps he took to get his selling privileges reinstated.

If you’ve been dropshipping to your Amazon buyer from eBay, you might be wondering how to avoid getting your selling privileges suspended.

Here are my suggestions…  First, don’t sell anybody’s brand or trademark.

How do I know if I’m selling someone’s brand or trademark?  Simply avoid listings that have any name brand in front of the title.

See example below…


Here is an example of a good item to list for sale on Amazon.  Here’s why…

There’s plenty of inventory.

The seller has more than 99% positive feedback.

The seller is TOP RATED PLUS.

The seller has sold over a thousand of the same item.

You can see below that the exact item is selling on Amazon at a higher price…

To figure out the profit, subtract 15% from $279. (The price it is currently selling for on Amazon.  That leaves you with $237.15.  Then Subtract $198.45.  (The price it cost you to purchase on eBay.)

Leaves you with a profit of $38.70.  Not bad..  I would usually tell you to List it!!!


Here is why you should not list this one for sale…

The fact that the title says “FIREBIRD” is enough to avoid listing this item.

Before reading James’s article I would have listed this item without thinking twice. Maybe, the Amazon seller would’ve sent me a message telling me that their brand is trademarked.  Then they’d give me 24 hours to remove that item before pursuing legal action.  Of course, I would promptly remove the item in question.

Maybe the seller would’ve never sent a warning.  Maybe I would’ve made some money off this item.

Nevertheless, it is much better to never have listed the item in the first place.  Now that we know that Amazon might have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to our selling privileges.  Lets not take any chances.

The good news is, you don’t have to let the item go.

You can create your own listing by clicking “Inventory > add a product.”  Then click on create a new product.


Select the appropriate category and subcategory. 


Fill in the the product name and other “vital information.”  

You’re also going to need a “UPC CODE”.  You can search for and buy a list of 1,000 UPC Codes on eBay for approximately $15.00.amazon_vital_info_upc

Click on the “Offer” tab.  Fill in the “Condition,”  “Your price,” “Quantity”


Click on Image tab.  Add an image to your item.  Preferably, add several images.


I’m sure you can figure out the rest from here.  Fill in the description and keywords too.  Then List your item for sale.

If you got a little scared about getting your Amazon account suspended, good.  This kind of fear can keep us in line, when it comes to Amazon rules.   Let’s face it, it’s their game.  They’re just nice enough to let us play.  Let’s try not to piss them off huh?

I hope this post has helped you increase your alertness.  It’s important to know what can happen.  In order to avoid being surprised if it happens to us.

This reminds me of a book I read awhile back ago.  It’s called: “Who Moved my Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson MD.  Spencer created a fable story about 4 mice who learn a lesson about getting their “cheese” moved.

The “cheese” in our case refers to our Amazon seller account.  

What would you do if it was suddenly taken from you? 

Would you keep your cool or lose your shit?

How you handle these obstacles will, undoubtedly have a large impact on your success in business and in life.

As always, thank you for using my eBay ad for all your eBay purchases.


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To read more about Jame’s artcile, you can click the link below:                                                                                                         

Thank you for being you….

13 thoughts on “How to Avoid Getting Your Amazon Selling Privileges Suspended

  1. This is really scary, Jay. I have listed a lot of such products which has a brand name in the title since we didn’t have this as a criteria in choosing our products to list till now. I’m sure you would have listed a lot of such products too. What is your action against it? Are you going through your inventory and deleting listings that have such brand names in it? If that’s the case, I think more than half of my listings will have such brand names by which I mean more than 100 listings. Let me know what steps have you taken. Thanks!

  2. Scary, but good info to have. When you reference searching for and buying a UPC code, exactly what is that code and what does it do? I’m still new to this world, so I’d love some clarification on that.

    Thanks as always!

    1. Hey Rich, I just discovered the UPC code myself. Apparently, Amazon requires an original UPC for every new listing. It’s no big deal. You can buy a large list of unique codes on eBay for very cheap. Just search for “UPC Code” on eBay.

      ps, you only need UPC codes for brand new listings that you create.

  3. If I have been suspended by Amazon, do you think it would be a good idea to go stealth with the help of Auction Essistance?

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