eBay to Amazon Arbitrage: How to hire an assistant and keep track of your inventory.

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If you’ve been working on the eBay to Amazon arbitrage business, you might have noticed that keeping track of your inventory can get a little hectic.

It’s not just keeping track of your inventory, but it’s also keeping track of your eBay sellers, their items, and price fluctuations. Inevitably, this will lead to having to take a loss when fulfilling an order. Don’t panic. Losses are just part of the wins. You may even have to cancel an order because your eBay seller no longer has the item in stock. Relax, this isn’t surgery. Nobody’s life is at stake.

Simply address the issue, apologize to the buyer, remove said item from your inventory, and work toward not making the same mistake again. The fact of the matter is that once you have a few hundred listings, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything. Which is why I recently hired a full time virtual assistant to help me with some of the work load. She is now responsible for keeping inventory up to date on a spreadsheet.

My virtual assistant doesn’t just work on inventory. She is currently in training to do most of the day to day operations. From fulfilling orders to customer support to helping me with my website and social media. There is a ton for her to do. That gives me the time to meditate and think of new ways to grow my business. It’s a game changer when you have someone on your side who is eager to learn, and excited to help you grow your business. Most importantly, it’s very economical. That way you can use your profits to grow your business, rather than have it all go to payroll.

So how did I go about finding such a spectacular assistant? I used a service called “replace myself.” For a fee, they will teach you how to vet and hire your own, full time virtual assistant in the Philippines. Their service doesn’t end there. They provide training for your assistant in pretty much anything you need them to learn. They also issue a new training module every month. The constant flow of training and education ensures my assistant’s success.

Why the Philippines? The main reason is that they speak and write American English. They teach it to their kids in schools, so they grow up; for the most part, speaking excellent English. Once the language barrier isn’t an issue, you can teach them everything about this business. What’s stopping them from taking your company secrets and doing it themselves? Lets face it, you can never be 100% sure about anything. Lets evaluate the possibilities… It is highly unlikely that your company secrets will get stolen and put into practice for themselves. That’s just not the way they think in the Philippines. They are very happy and grateful to have a real work-from-home job; where they can attend to their families.

Also, It is much more probable that your company secrets will get stolen from an American assistant. Simply because we; Americans are more likely to feel entitled and want to start our own business. Which is also fine. If you haven’t noticed, I post my company secrets on the internet. The secret is out.

But how can you trust them with your personal information? Usernames, passwords, etc. Again, I believe, it is highly unlikely that they would steal your identity. Simply because they wouldn’t be able to take much before I noticed and put a stop to it. We’re federally protected on all unapproved charges to our credit card. Also, It wouldn’t make any sense for them to risk their secure job for a few hundred bucks, and possibly face criminal charges. For more information on how I hired and trained my virtual assistant, click the following link… “replace myself” Thank you for the feedback. Keep it coming. Click my eBay ad before all your purchases.  I really appreciate it.

ebay-3 Email me at psychedelicentrepreneur@gmail.com Thank you for being you.

5 thoughts on “eBay to Amazon Arbitrage: How to hire an assistant and keep track of your inventory.

  1. Jay, I’ve been passionately reading all your blog posts and most importantly implementing each and every thing you have been teaching in this blog. I got my first sale in Amazon following your method on April 24, 2015 and by today (May 6, 2015), I’ve made $480 in pure profit. All because of you and your candid writings in this blog. This particular post cannot be more appropriately timed because today was the first day I had to meet with a loss because the ebay seller increased the pricing of the product that I was selling on Amazon. I didn’t cancel the order but just took the loss to maintain good rankings on Amazon.

    Hiring a virtual assistant is the only solution to this in order to track inventory and have a check on price fluctuations. I will soon need a virtual assistant. But, as you mentioned business secrets are quite risky to be shared. I was thinking, rather that hiring one full-time assistant, why don’t hire 2 part-time assistants and teach each of them only one-half of the business and not letting them know about each other. Like one person will take care of amazon work – managing inventory and maintain a spreadsheet and another person will keep track of ebay sellers and pricing and maintain a separate spreadsheet for it. What are your thoughts about this?

    1. Hi Vishu, thank you for the comment. I’m happy to hear you’re making money. I hope you’ve been able to use my ebay link. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

      As far as my va, full transparency is a must. In the near future I will hire a second va, but they will be working in unison. As a team, where we’re all on the same page. If done right, this business will run on autopilot, with little supervision. Keeping your assistant’s from each other seems like a huge headache and double the work for you. But you take whatever precautions you feel necessary.

      Thank you for reaching out.

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