GROW YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS: The Best Way to Increase your Amazon Sales.

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If you’ve been following my lead, selling items on Amazon and having them drop-shipped from ebay; you might be wondering how to increase your sales potential.

The best way to increase your seller ranking, feedback and sales is to be a great seller.

Offer the best customer service possible. Better than your eBay seller. Offer a personal touch.

Make sure your buyer knows that you have a sincere desire to help them solve their issue.

Respond to customer concerns as soon as possible. Mistakes are inevitable. Either mistakes made by you or by the eBay seller, or by the shipping company, or even by the buyer themselves.

How you handle those mistakes as the Amazon seller, will ultimately decide your ranking as a seller.

For the most part, people don’t leave feedback when their transactions go smoothly. People are generally too busy to worry about leaving you a review.  Your business growth is not their concern.

The only time your customer service skills stand out, is when something goes wrong.

The possibilities for things going wrong are endless. The item could have arrived damaged, or not arrived at all. Maybe it was the wrong size or color. Whatever the case may be. Whose ever fault it may be; just take care of it.

Take the initiative and find an adequate solution.

Be the bigger person. Be more compassionate. Be more patient and understanding.

Be the seller you would like to deal with if you were the buyer.  Even if you feel the buyer is lying or taking advantage of you.

Put yourself in that buyer’s shoes. What if you were in such a bad place in life; that you felt compelled to lie, cheat and steal; just to get a tangible object?

Believe you, me… You’ll save tons of time and money by taking the high road on these rare occasions.  People are generally honest.  Just like you.

My sales for the last 2 weeks have been relatively slow compared to last month. And the complaints and returns have been coming in droves.

No need to panic. I take care of the buyer as if they were me. Everything else falls into place after that.

There’s been quite a few students asking how to deal with customer returns. So lets get in the meat of it.

First, lets recognize the different kinds of returns.

If the item is damaged, the eBay seller might decide to have you keep the item and refund your account. This process may take up to 72 hours. This is best case scenario for you. This result allows you to look like a hero in the eyes of your buyer.

Below is a review I received yesterday.  May 15, 2015.


But we’re not always that lucky… Sometimes, the ebay seller may decide to send a prepaid shipping label for returns.

If this is the case, you are responsible for making sure the buyer follows through with the return; in order to receive your refund.

Here is what you need to do…

When you get your shipping label from the buyer, it will look like the screenshot below.

Click on “print return label”


There is NO NEED to actually print this.  But You do need to edit it.  You’re going to want to edit out the parts that say eBay and PayPal.  


The clean edited version should look like the image below…


Save the image to your desktop and upload it to your Amazon seller central account.  Send it to your buyer along with instructions on how to return it.

As I said before, the last 2 weeks of sales have been a little slower than usual.  On top of that, the complaints and requests for returns have increased drastically.


Below, you will see a screenshot of my most recent complaint from one of my buyers, and how it was handled.


The best part about this is that I didn’t even write the response myself.  My virtual assistant did.  And I couldn’t have said it better myself.  

For more information on how to hire your own virtual assistant, please visit the “Replace Myself” website.  

We issued the buyer the prepaid shipping label.  24 hours later, we issued her a full refund.  That’s really all we do, and all we’re expected to do.  Luckily, this buyer was pretty easy going.

Sometimes, I have to take a loss on the transaction, just to make the buyer happy. It’s better than risking a bad review.

At the end of the day, there’s still a profit to be made.

Below is my sales spreadsheet for the month of May…  This includes all refunds and losses from May 1 through May 15, 2015.  Averaging $116 per day, 7 days a week.  Currently below my average compared to last month.  However,  My overall profit margin is up to over 29%.  Last month it was just below 25%.  To me,  that’s a bigger win than the overall profit.  There’s a lesson about leverage in there, but i’m not going to get in to it.  I’m sure you can figure it out for yourselves; if you really want to.


Below is my Amazon sales report for the month of May.


I hope this information helps you the next time you need to handle a customer service issue.  This is how I do it.  

For best results, this is how you should do it too.

As always, I’m super grateful when you use my eBay ad to make all your business-related purchases.


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Thank you for being you.

9 thoughts on “GROW YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS: The Best Way to Increase your Amazon Sales.

  1. How do you deal with a negative feedback/review left Jay? Is there a way to those kinds of reviews off? Additionally, do you request for a feedback/review just like what I’ve seen done by some ebay sellers? Thanks again Jay.

    1. Yes, I have had a negative review. However, I was able to request a “feedback removal.” It was approved because it was determined that the buyer left the review unfairly.

      Yes, sometimes I do request feedback. But only when I’m confident the customer is happy.

      Hope that helps Jules…

  2. This post has helped me a lot, Jay. I had same type of an issue after 3 days this blog was posted. Since, I read it even before I had to deal with such problems, I knew I had this resource handy. I handled the issue exactly how you have posted it here. This is really a priceless information and helped me to deal with critical situations. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, Jay!

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