How to Grow a Long Lasting eCommerce Business.

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Do you invest money in education to better your business?  Free information is great, but sometimes paying for something obligates you to follow through on whatever training you’ve invested in.

Throughout my adult life, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on educating myself on how to improve my business. Whatever business that happened to have been at the time.


With attending seminars, hiring business coaches, and online training; I have racked up quite a bill.

At this point in my life I’m learning how to build an eCommerce business.  Amazon and ebay are just small pieces to a giant puzzle.  

I’m also working on building my first privately labeled brand.  The learning curve is huge for me.  The time consumption on educating myself is enormous.

A large part of my eCommerce education has come from Steve Chou’s “Create A Profitable Online Store.”

This step-by-step course has lead to many of the Amazon-related ideas I’ve shared in this blog.  This Course is priceless.

create a profidable online store
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Over the last 6 months, not only have I invested thousands of dollars on training courses, but I’ve also invested hundreds of hours in reading information, watching training videos, and applying what I’ve learned.

Paying for the education is pointless if you don’t apply what you’ve learned.

Yes, I know, you don’t have any time.  You’re a super busy person. Maybe, you have a full time job and a family too.  Probably including, but not limited to a hand full of “crumb crunchers” you call children.

I get it.  There are obstacles on top of obstacles.  An endless sea of reasons not to try harder; multiplying in perpetuity as time goes on;  for the rest of your life.

Luckily, it’s not that long… 80 to 100 years and it’s over.  Assuming you don’t get hit by a bus.  How many years you got left?

The fact of the matter is that people all over this planet are constantly overcoming challenges much bigger than anything you’ve ever faced.

The point is that, you don’t know you’re capable of something huge, until you do it.

If time is a factor for you, I’d be willing to bet you can carve out a few hours per week to educate yourself.  Sleep less, or spend less time watching “family guy” on hulu.

If money is a factor for you, there is plenty of free education out there on how to build an eCommerce business.  This blog being one of them.  It’s up to you if you take advantage of this information.

It’s not easy to start from the bottom.  But who said it was supposed to be easy?  The more challenging it is for you, the more satisfying the reward of success will feel.

Trust me, the juice is worth the squeeze.   Trust yourself and take the first step into this vast eCommerce industry.

Maybe, your first step is as simple as finding your first product on ebay to list for sale on Amazon.

That’s a great first step and it doesn’t cost you anything but your time.  Will you invest the time necessary to grow and have a real work-from-home job?

Maybe, you’ve already taken a few steps.

Just like Damjan.  A student of this blog.  This is proof that anyone can dropship to Amazon from eBay.  Damjan shared his success in dropshipping with me.  Below is a screenshot of his Amazon sales for one week.


Damjan says that approximately 70% of his over-all Amazon sales were dropshipped directly from eBay.  Damjan shared his success story on the Psychedelic Entrepreneur facebook group.

He says that for the first 3 weeks he started this business, he was dedicating 6 to 8 hours a day to adding inventory to his Amazon page, fulfilling orders, and dealing with customer concerns. The results show.  Look at the boost he had in sales from one week to the next.

He says he will soon dedicate up to 12 hours per day.  His goal is to make $10,000 to $15,000 per month; from dropshipping alone.

Now, to announce my dropship sales for the month of May.  Here is my arbitrage sales tracker.  Almost made it to $4,000 in profit.  Averaging over $127 per day, 7 days a week.  And an average of 27.71% profit margins.  That’s up over 2% from last month.  BIG WIN.


Below is my Amazon sales report for the month of May.


Today, I’m happy to unveil the results I’ve had monetizing this blog.  Below is a screenshot of the back-page to my eBay affiliate account.  

Notice, there were 338 clicks on my eBay link in the month of May.  These clicks are worth a total of $858.38.  Now, I’m not showing you this to gloat.  I’m showing this to show proof of concept.

These clicks represent YOU.  The readers of this blog.  This means that you are making purchases on ebay to have dropshipped to your Amazon buyer.

Do you need more proof? 


This is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that we’re all capable of when we’re not bombarded with a nine to five job.

Imagine what creativity lies within you.  All you need is freedom to release your artistic passion.

As you can tell,  I’m very thankful for you clicking my eBay link before all your business-related purchases.  And personal too, why not? Haha.


Don’t forget to join our very valuable facebook group.  I will be limiting this group to a tight 50 to 100 active members.  Inactive members will be booted. 

Thank you for reading, participating, and being you.

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  1. Jay, great inspirational post! Special congrats to Damjan! Nice to see him private labeling so soon in his life. I was also planning to do it soon, but my amazon account is under review. Just in the first month alone I made $7000 in sales and probably amazon didn’t like it. My account has been under review for more than 20 days now and I don’t want to do anymore sales until they give me back my account. So I’ve put it in vacation mode now. Soon after they give me back my account, I’m going to start with private labeling. I’m praying that I should get my account back soon.

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