Increasing profit potential for the holiday season

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Summer is a great time to begin getting ready for the holiday sales rush.  Let’s not forget many businesses depend on the holiday season to make up for most of their year’s profit.

Our drop-ship business is no different.  Prepare yourself by adding items to your inventory that tend to sell during the holidays. Be creative.  Don’t just list christmas trees.  There are tons stuff that are more likely to sell during the holidays.

If you’ve been following certain eBay powersellers, as I reccommend.  Make sure to keep an eye on their inventory to see what items they start adding.  They too, are getting ready for the holidays.

Keeping a close eye on the ebay sellers that do it best will help you evolve new ideas.  It might even spark an idea for a unique niche that you can attach yourself to.

Once you have a niche in mind, and you have proven sales through drop-shipping, you can safely invest in yourself by sourcing your new product from a manufacturer.

Ultimately, maximizing your profit potential by decreasing the manufacturing cost dramatically.  Compared to buying it on eBay. Are you with me?

Regular people are doing this every day.  Just like big businesses do, but on a smaller scale. is one of the ways this is possible.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of sourcing your own product and running a business, I know how you feel.  I’m currently working on it, and it is a lot to take in, at first.

Luckily with the help of Steve Chou and his Amazing step by step course, on how to create a profitable online store; I’ve been able to grow and learn at an exponential rate.

create a profidable online store

When you do decide that you’re ready to take your business to the next level, please click Steve’s affiliate ad above.  I would really appreciate it.

Without a doubt, this is something you can probably figure out for yourself, with trial and error.  Depending on how much leverage you have on your side, you might just squeak by.

But why chance it.  If you can skip the biggest mistakes and all the headaches that come with starting an eCommerce business, wouldn’t you do it?

So you don’t have the $800 bucks it cost to buy Steve’s course…  I get it.  That’s why I recommend you start a drop-shipping business first.  Using the techniques discussed on this blog, on a regular basis.

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Take things one step at a time, don’t quit your day job just yet.  Devote the time it takes to build this into a real business.  I know you can do it.  Just know, it won’t happen overnight.  Give yourself time to evolve.

If you’re serious about building a long lasting eCommerce business that generates money, month after month and year after year; I recommend you buy Steve’s course as soon as possible.

The sooner you begin Steve’s course, the sooner you will begin to connect the dots, and really put a perspective to how big your eCommerce business could be.

As a reminder, next month I will release my new eBook; 60 day guide to $1,000 in monthly income.  How to leverage eBay & Amazon and never touch any inventory.”


A special thank you to all of  you who have already pre-ordered it.  

July 15th is my set goal for the release date.  

Just in time to help you build enough of a business to get a big burst of sales for the holidays.

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As always, thank you for being you.

4 thoughts on “Increasing profit potential for the holiday season

  1. Jay, Yes you’re right. From Steve’s course I’ve also been learning about ecommerce on a whole at an exponential rate. I just joined a month ago and today I have setup my business (legally registered LLC) and on my way to deep dive into this ocean of ecommerce. It has been a wonderful experience for me so far and I would highly recommend Steve’s course for all who are sincerely looking to go full-time in business and quitting their jobs.

    Thanks for all your support, Jay!

  2. Using dropshipping to fund an online store is my process as well. Basic plan looks something like this:

    Step 1: Dropshipping to build capital
    Step 2: Import generic items (using Alibaba) and “piggyback” on existing listings using FBA
    Step 3: Choose top selling item(s) to private label and create brand/non-amazon store.

    Near zero risk, good profit, and much better than my day job. Still on track to be able to quit by September and dedicate myself fully to this.

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