Sensory deprivation tanks. Floating toward business growth.

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Meditation is a great tool for organizing business tasks, as well as personal tasks. If you’ve attempted meditation, you probably know it’s very difficult to do.

Breathing and focusing on the moment is easier said than done. One of the biggest challenges I have when meditating is avoiding distractions.

We rarely think about it, but we are constantly being bombarded with distractions.

From email and text messages, to phone calls, traffic, commercials, odors… With this constant flow of input, do we even know what quiete really is? 

For the past 3 years, I’ve been combining my meditation practice with floating in a sensory deprivation tank. (Aka isolation tank.) If you’re not familiar with isolation tanks, let me tell you all about them.

Picture a giant tank, like the size of 3 refrigerators. Once you step into the tank, there is water that reaches right below your knees.

isolation tank

Dissolved in the water, are 1000lbs of epsom salt. Once you lay down in the water, you become buoyant and float to the top because of the salt.

With the door closed, it’s completely dark. You can’t even see your hand in front of your face.

Although you’re floating, your ears are underwater, so you can’t hear anything.

The temperature of the water is heated to the exact temperature of your skin.

To sum it up, you can’t see, you can’t hear, there’s no smell, and you can’t feel where the water begins and the air ends. Causing the sensation of floating in space.

When you deprive yourself from all your senses, your brain is all of a sudden supercharged because it’s not having to process all the distractions it usually has to deal with.  You are now able to go into a deeper meditative state.

With practice, and with 20mg of edible cannabis, I’ve been able to reach, what can only be described as psychoactive hallucinations.

Even without the cannabis, it can get pretty intense in there.  Maybe even a little emotional.  Yes, sometime I cry in the tank. There’s no better place to cry, in my opinion.

When I first began using the tank, I was just chasing that natural high.

After years of research and meditation, I’ve come to realize what great benefits the tank brings to my body, mind and spirit.

According to DR Peter Suedfeld, Isolation tanks help aid in problems with the human nervous system.  Including but limited to insomnia, stress, muscular dysfunctions, headaches.

Ironically, it’s even been know to help cure claustrophobia.

Nevertheless, the tank helps me take my meditation practice to another level.  It helps me be more introspective and see myself how others see me.

It helps me be honest with myself, therefore allowing me to be honest with others.

Most importantly, it helps me fight that resistance that wants to keep me from accomplishing my goals.

Without a doubt, the isolation tank has played a huge roll in me becoming the “psychedelic entrepreneur” I am today.

float lab

I feel so lucky to live so close to the Float Lab Technologies in Venice beach, CA.  The owner “Crash” is like a mad scientist who builds these amazing, giant tanks.

Although you can find isolation tanks all over the world, none compare to Crash’s unique, patented filtration system.  which are known for their maximum hygienic value.

deep self tank

If you think you’re centered enough to be a success at life and in business, think again.  Compartmentalizing your business life, your personal life, as well as your spiritual life takes a whole lot of brainpower.

We’ve all met successful businesspeople who fail at relationships.  Or happily married people who fail at business.  Some people are spiritually content, but lack that partner or challenge necessary to fire their “meat vehicle” on all cylinders.

You may even come across the man or woman who has them all, but lacks the health to enjoy them.

However, some people really figure shit out.  A small percentage of the people who have ever lived, have really found a way to balance their love, health, wealth and everything that comes with being alive.

I hope to become one of those people some day.  The mystery of whether or not I’ll get there is what keeps me moving forward.

Meditation in an isolation tank is just one of the tools I use to reach optimum potential.  There are many tools available.

What tools do you use to reach your highest self?

Let me know, comment below…

Thank you for being you

4 thoughts on “Sensory deprivation tanks. Floating toward business growth.

  1. I’ve only done “the tank” one time so far. While I did enjoy the experience, I didn’t really know how to clear my head. I can see how repetition would help with that, so I do look forward to more experience with it. But there are sadly no locations close to me, so the long commute and cost are a barrier for me at the moment.

    One thing that has really lit a fire under me is getting into The Miracle Morning. I’m sure you heard of it, since Hal (the author) has been featured on SPI and other podcasts you reference, but for those unfamiliar, it is essentially taking the first hour of your day to nurture your overall personal development through 6 steps: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Journaling, Reading & Exercising. It really gets me inspired and firing on all cylinders first thing. I’m struggling to really find my stride with Visualization, but I know that like anything it’s all about persistence.

  2. Whats up Psychedelic E.

    First off I never even knew I had a “highest self”. I’ve just recently awakened to this concept of the Muse, ones TRUE SELF. It’s been a long road and many many things I’d say contribute to awakening the beast. Bringing out the best you, me in every situation is still a mighty task, especially when the world and everyone else in it is passing through. With every corner fear is lurking, it’s hard to stay focused on the present. The tank for me has also been a great tool for sorting the mind, a kind of church of my own consciousness to show me where i stand and stand for. But the tanks a bit far and not always the cheapest or convenient of avenues. Recently i’ve been meditating more and more frequently In my dark closet, bed, in front of a mirror, outside on a beach chair, the local mountains, a patrol car parked behind a building, they’re all equally effective.

    Being healthy is a must. Sure it’s ok in my opinion to indulge now and then, sometimes now is a little more often than it should but none the less, I also balance the delicious carne asada burritos with 30 minutes of beating the shit out of a bag and sprints. I switch it up. Boxing, BJJ, weights, I like to swim which i’ve also tweaked into a form of meditation. I hold my breath underwater and swim back and forth pulling my body through the water patiently using the plastic barriers.

    Reading! All these secrets in all these different books are just invaluable. I cant tell you how many lessons i’ve learned through books I probably would’ve never learned. WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME THE SECRETS!!! how to make money, how to get girls, spirituality, and in my opinion the most important facing, dealing, understanding, letting go to not understanding FEAR. I could write a book on fear but thats a discussion in itself.

    I also use a council i keep stored in my head. a list of 5 people i admire. I keep them in my head and when faced with challenges i sometimes channel what i think they’d do in my position. For instance, my son didn’t want to go to bjj last week he turned to me and said “dad i just dont feel like going” i empathized and told him i understood, using one of my favorite council members the great Rickson Gracie i told my son this. I understand and if it was up to me i’d say lets go home, order a pizza and watch a movie, however Rickson Gracie’s not saying anything, hes just looking at you in a happy but serious way, and you’re getting out of the car and onto the mat. There is no choice, you must train.

  3. Hey Sal, sounds like you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal. Resistance won’t even know what hit em’. One thing, without a doubt, you are one bad motherfucker. Thanks you for sharing and for being you.

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