Selling on Amazon. Tips, tricks, and loopholes.

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If you’ve been building your drop-shipping business, you’ve probably had to deal with some obstacles.

Having to handle customer concerns, dealing with lost items, mistakes.  You also need to consistently add new products to your inventory and manage your current inventory.

As your business grows, you will find that it takes more and more of your time.  And you may or may not have the time to spare. This is where hiring a full-time virtual assistant will be necessary.

Meanwhile, you can always count on me to share what I learn, while growing my eCommerce business.

Recently, a student of this blog reached out through our facebook group with an issue that I hadn’t encountered before.  He said he was having an issue finding the “sell on Amazon” button when trying to list under a certain category.

He was also getting an error message when trying to list said item using his Amazon mobile app.

Apparently, my personal virtual assistant saw this student’s message on our facebook group, then decided to take it upon herself to find a solution to this particular issue.

Luckily for us all, she was nice enough to share it with me.  Here’s is what she taught me about listing items in the pet category.

Let’s start with a profitable listing on eBay…


  • As usual, check out how many items the eBay seller has in inventory.  This seller has also sold hundreds of the same item.
  • Make sure the eBay seller has a good rating.
  • Make sure the shipping time is within 3 to 7 days.

Next, let’s find this item on Amazon…


As you can see there is no “Sell on Amazon” button at the bottom of the page as there usually is.

Here is how you list this item…

Step 1. Scroll down to “product details” and copy the ASIN number.


Step 2.  Log into your seller central account.  Click “Inventory; then “Add a Product.”


Step 3.  Paste the ASIN in the search column.  Click search.


Step 4.  Click on “Sell yours.”


Step 5.  Fill out the offer tab.  Match the lowest price.  Fill out quantity.  Save and finish.

To increase the odds of selling the item, make sure to match the lowest price.

All you need to earn the “buy box” on any given item is to have a good seller rating.  Eventually, Amazon will let you share the “buy box”



That’s how it’s done folks.

On a another note.  I’d like to talk about the importance of upgrading to a professional selling account on Amazon.

To be a professional seller, Amazon charges $40 a month.

With the free account you will get charged $0.99 cents per item sold, on top of the 15% selling fee.

Before, I would’ve said that if you’re selling more than 40 items in one month, you’re losing money if you don’t upgrade.

But there’s an even more important reason to upgrade to a professional selling account as soon as possible.

The ability to control your shipping settings is given to you only once you upgrade to a professional selling account.

  • It’s important to change your shipping settings.
  • Make sure your shipping settings are specific to the lower 48 states only.  No Alaska.  No Hawaii.  No Puerto Rico. 
  • Do not allow delivery to PO boxes or any other country.

The reason for this is because your eBay seller will not offer these options; therefore, we can’t offer them either.

Here is what your shipping settings should look like…


Inevitably, as you grow your business you will have more obstacles to overcome.  I’m here to help you along the way.

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Thank you for being you.

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  1. Great Post, Jay! You have addressed some of our obstacles in this post. Could you also tell us more about getting approval for restricted categories especially automotive, industrial and Health. I haven’t applied for approval for any restricted categories thinking I may not be eligible. Please let us know in detail how you got approval for restricted categories, how easy or difficult it is in your next post.

    Thanks a lot for all your help!

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