Hire Your Own Full-time Virtual Assistant & Set Your Income on Autopilot

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Hiring the right virtual assistant might just be the single most important thing you do for the long-term survival of your online business.

There’s only so much you can do on your own. There’s only so much you can get done on fiverr.com

Eventually you’re going to need someone by your side to learn and grow along with your business.

You need someone you can trust with your company’s strategic planning. Someone who brings value to your business without having to pay high salaries.

Sounds like a dream right? Where will you ever be able to find someone so great?

keep-calm-and-hire-a-virtual-assistant-6The answer is simple. Replacemyself.com

The services provided by replacemyself.com are incredible.

Essentially what they do is guide you through the process of vetting several dozen candidates; focused specifically in The Philippines, and finally hiring your very own full-time virtual assistant.

The main skill you will be looking for is the ability to read, write, and speak English.

Although you will find that many of the candidates in The Philippines have much more to offer. Many are college graduates with bachelor’s degrees or higher.

Replacemyself.com will also provide you with a general list of  interview questions for you to email your candidates.  This will help you find the assistant that meets your specific qualifications.

On top of that, I asked questions to suit my specific style of running a business.

For instance, I narrowed down candidates who were open to the idea of meditating on a daily basis.

2. Once you have hired someone, they will provide your VA with a username and password chosen by you; which leads them to a back-office training page. Each month, your VA will receive a new training module. Training modules include search engine optimization, social media, web development, etc.

These are all skills that will help your VA continue to evolve and grow with your business.

Especially, as you expand from drop-shipping into your own eCommerce website; you’re going to need someone with these skills on your team.

On top of the training provided; you will need to train your VA with the skills necessary to run your specific business.

For this I use skype screen sharing. There are many more ways of communicating.

If you’re building a drop-shipping business based on the suggestions from this blog; you will need to walk your VA through the exact process of the business.

From fulfilling orders and dealing with customer concerns, to Adding new products to your inventory and keeping track of low inventory alerts.

Surely you should expect to spend several hours per week training your VA to operate your business to your specifications.

It’s going to be important to choose the right person that suits your style of business and personality.

In order to choose the right person you’re going to need to dedicate an adequate amount of time to the process.

That means you’re going to have to spend hours and hours going through emails and responding to the candidates that meet your qualifications.

Personally, I dedicated 3 entire days to the process of hiring a VA. Approximately 4 to 6 hours each day.

Think long-term.

Yes, it’s going to take several months before you catch some momentum, and your VA starts paying for him or herself.

Several months down the line. Your drop-shipping business will be booming, and your assistant will be taking care of 99% of all Amazon-related issues.



You’ll even show them to automatically click on my eBay link before each purchase, and set an automation to showing your appreciation for this valuable blog.




book cover


Have your VA read my ebook.  The 60 day guide to $1,000 in monthly income.

Then guide them through the process of creating new listings based on listings from eBay.

This will help you grow your inventory and make your VA familiar and comfortable with the process of keeping a close eye on your inventory.  


This eBook is packed with example like the one below.

Inspired by my VA’s daughter’s recent ukulele performance, I went searching for one on eBay to list for sale on Amazon.  As you can see below this ukulele is a good item to list because there are several available and several have been selling.  The eBay seller also has 99% positive feedback, so you know that things are more likely to go smoothly.  

Step 1.  Find an item on eBay to flip on Amazon.




Step 2.  Log in to your Amazon seller central account. – Click on Inventory > Add a Product > Create a new Product.



Step 3.  Fill out the Vital Info Tab.




Step 4.  Fill out Offer Tab.  It’s important to choose a price that leave you a profit after fees.  The Price for the ukulele on eBay is $30.99.  We’re going to sell it at $69.99.  When this item sells, it will net us a profit of $28.50.  See profit calculator below.




Step 5.  Upload images, the more the better.



Step 6. Fill out the Description Tab.



Step 7.  Fill out the Keywords Tab. > Click Save & Continue.





Step 7.  Have your VA wash, rinse, and repeat this process over and over again.


create a profidable online storeNow that you’ve hired your first full-time virtual assistant, it’s time to get creative.

Continue to educate your VA with the training videos provided by Steve Chou’s Create a profitable online store course.

Your VA will eventually be able to do your niche research for new products. Then build website after website that generate passive income. All under your guidance of course.

As your online businesses grow, you will need to hire yourself a small army of Filipino virtual assistants.

Don’t get ahead of yourself though.  Please start with one.

Why replacemyself.com focuses on hiring people from The Philippines…

For the most part, I have found that Filipinos are very loyal and take pride in having an online-based job and an American boss.

Unlike many other countries around the world, Filipinos actually like Americans. Go figure.

It must be the common affection of love we share toward Pacquiao and hate toward Mayweather.

It’s also important to note that they speak American English in the Philippines. It’s taught in their schools from childhood. So communication is generally much easier.

You could expect to pay between $100 to $500 a month for full-time work, depending on their existing skills and ability to learn and grow.

Security factor. Yes, you will have to trust your newly hired virtual assistant with user-names and passwords to everything pertaining to your business. Including email login, Amazon, eBay and paypal logins, and any other business related subscription you may need to operate your business.

This is a risk worth taking. Essentially, it all comes down to your ability to vet the candidates when fulfilling your VA position.

That’s why it’s so important to put in the time necessary during the interview process and choose the right assistant for you.

The big picture…


Pismo Beach CA.  4 hour drive from where I live.

Let’s not forget why we’re doing this folks…

It’s all about enjoying the little things in life. Realize that the little things often spark creativity, and creativity is only limited by the time you allow it to come out and play.

Got more questions about hiring a VA, comment bellow.

Till next time, thank you for being you.


3 thoughts on “Hire Your Own Full-time Virtual Assistant & Set Your Income on Autopilot

  1. Thanks for the post, Jay! For some reason I didn’t get a notification to my email for this post. I’m not sure why.

    My question is, when we are giving them everything pertaining to our business including the training to how to run the complete business what is the factor do you think is going to hold them off of doing all this by themselves and making 10 times more income than what we pay them?

    As you would know, our business can be done from any part of the world. So, physical location cannot hold them from doing this business themselves.

    1. Vishnu, when hiring any employee, abroad or domestic, you can’t stop them from taking what they’ve learned and starting their own business.

      This particular fear will limit your ability evolve your business to the next level. When you really have confidence in yourself, it doesn’t matter what others do.

  2. Sure, I was trying to overcome that fear from the past 2 weeks and finally I’ve decided to hire my first VA today. I’ve joined in Replacemyself program now. I think I used your affiliate link. Please check if it shows up in your account.

    Another question I have is, what timings does your VA work? Since, we get orders mostly in our US time I was thinking if they would be ready to work in our timings. How do you do it? What are the tasks that you personally do in your drop-shipping business and what tasks does your VA perform?

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