Increasing Your Amazon Profit Margin. Plus Bonus Example Continued.

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Last week, we were working through a small obstacle.  As I demonstrated how to list an item from eBay to my Amazon inventory.

As I attempted to list the item, I found that in order to sell this item, I had to apply to sell in the “jewelry category.”

Today, I will continue the listing process after I was approved to sell in the jewelry category.

Here is the approval note sent to me by Amazon.  Now, I can sell in the “jewelry category”.  This opens new possibilities for growth.  And it’s so easy to get approved.  Right?


Let’s recap…

Here is the necklace I found on eBay.  This is a good item to list on Amazon for various reasons.  Including that the eBay seller is well rated, and has over a hundred of the same item available in their inventory.


Today, when I go list the item I notice that the ” sell on Amazon” button is now available to push.  We’ll go through the entire process together…

  • Click on the “Sell on Amazon” button.


  • Select the condition.
  • Select the quantity.
  • Match the lowest price.  By being a high rated seller and matching the lowest price, Amazon ensures you eventually share the “buy box.”  Having the buy box is key to making sales.
  • Select “I want to ship this item myself.”
  • Click continue.


  • Click “Submit your listing.”


As you can see below, Once this item sells, after Amazon fees, it leaves us with a profit of $14.50.  And a 29% margin.  Not to mention the 2% we get for eBay bucks.  I hope you’re signed up.

You can also get an extra 2% if you have the right credit card.  Maximizing your profit is what it’s all about.


ebay-3Our community is growing.  Every week, more and more of you are reaching out to me.  Sharing the success you’ve had implementing the strategies we discuss on this blog.

I can tell you’re having success, not only by the ones who reach out to me, but I can also tell when you’re clicking on my eBay link before making your purchases.  And I’m so grateful for it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Seeing your eBay clicks just reinforces my appreciation for writing this blog.

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Now to present my drop-shipping sales tracker for the month of July.  As you can see below, I made a profit of over $2,600. Averaging a little over $85 per day, 7 days per week.


My overall sales and profit is lower than where I would like.

I did a bit of research, and it turns out, sales are usually at their lowest during the summer.  Mostly attributed to people spending their money on vacations, rather than tangible goods.

Expect a drastic sales increase as we enter the fourth quarter of the year.  The Holiday season is going to be huge.

On the bright side, my margins are incredibly high.  With a personal high of 37.67% profit margin.  Those are great margins.

If you’ve been thinking about your own private label, you could expect between 40-50% profit margins.

Last month I had a little over 29% profit margin.  8% growth in 1 month.

If you’re wondering what the secret to that is, I’ve already shared it in passed blogs.

Essentially, you need to offer exceptional customer service, in order to be a highly rated seller.

On top of that, I’ve been steadily creating my own listings, based on eBay products.  As opposed to just piggybacking off of other listings.

When you create your own listing, there’s no competition, and you can name your price.  That’s what I do.  I double or triple the price of the eBay item.  Thus increasing the chances of getting sales on those listings.

I also improve on and work on those listings.  Meaning, a change around the keywords and search phrases.  These activities are very time consuming, because of the research involved in finding the right keywords, but well worth the effort, as you can see by my results.

Here is my Amazon sales report for the month of July…


There it is folks.  Another profitable month by drop shipping to your Amazon customer, from your eBay seller.

Have questions for me?  Comment below.

Until next time, thank you for being you.

4 thoughts on “Increasing Your Amazon Profit Margin. Plus Bonus Example Continued.

  1. Great Post, Jay! Nice to see your statistics again. It is good feel to close off a month by evaluating our profits and planning for the next new month to come and constantly working on driving our profits up!

    Your posts are always a great inspiration for me!

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. July was quite an exciting month with “Prime Day”. We made $2190 in profits in July with Prime Day alone bringing us $300 in profits. All of which came from dropshipping from eBay. We have more than 1000 products in our inventory now. We have also launched our first FBA product on our own brand (Private labeling). I’m keeping it hidden at this time for niche privacy reasons. Sales have just started coming in using Amazon PPC and we look forward to break-even on that product in August.

    I would attribute all my success to you Jay! It is from you that I found all other sources of eCommerce education and now I’m really branching out in all sectors ranging from Retail arbitrage to Wholesales to Private labeling to Importing.

    Thanks for all that you have done! It is really hard to find selfless person like you in this world. Keep going, you have the power to change a lots of lives like mine!!

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