How to Make Money Without Having Money; Leveraging eBay & Amazon

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Here is proof that it, in fact does not take money to make money. Not anymore, anyway.

Henry Ford changed history with the mass production of the model-t, as the industrial age was born. Offering high wages to skilled workers.

Until that time in history, humanity had always been living in the agrarian age. Where 10% of the rich ruled over 90% of the poor.

If we were to live in those days the only way we’d get to be part of the rich 10% would be by marrying into a royal family or being born into one. Maybe, if we had a large enough army we’d be able to take over by force or conquest.

With the industrial age taking over the agrarian age, came the introduction of the idea of going to school to get a good job. The idea was to work your way up the latter throughout your entire life, eventually retiring with a pension.

As time continued, large corporations decided this was too high of an expense to continue to pay out these large salaries for retired employees.  Especially since people started living longer and longer.  Today, less and less companies offer great pensions.

In the industrial age, anybody with enough ambition and determination was able to build billion dollar companies. No longer would we have to be born into a royal family to do this.

Although, anybody was able to get rich, few had the capital and manpower to get such a large business off the ground; so 10% of people continued to rule 90% of the wealth.

As of 1998 we began the age of information, and the industrial age has begun to die.

Since then, to be rich, we no longer need to be born into royalty like in the agrarian age. Nor do we need large amounts of capital to launch our ideas off the ground like in the industrial age.

With the internet as we know it today, all we need is an idea. That idea, fueled by ambition and sheer determination can attract the riches you’ve always dreamed about. And as you know, ideas are free.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the “Rich Dad” books often says “you don’t need money to make money.” Today in age, that statement has never been more true.



Welcome to the information age.

A time where getting your finances under control and becoming rich are not only possible, but very likely if you continue to financially educate yourself.

Not to mention, the safest most secure time in history. In the past, a boat or ship approaching your dock, meant potential terrorism. People feared for their lives.

Today, a ship approaching the dock represents tourism and money being distributed, or goods being imported from overseas.

Don’t forget to thank whoever your God is for allowing you to have been born during the safest time in human history.

Being grateful and often showing appreciation is key to making this all work out for you. Money will only take you so far. Giving back to society will be the only way you can live a happy, healthy life.
For most of 2015, I’ve been consistently blogging and sharing an idea that I had. Because of readers just like you, my idea has come to life and is now generating passive income for me; as well as for many of you.

Lucky for you my idea revolves around helping people become entrepreneurs and make money online, without having to put money upfront.

What began as a simple drop-shipping concept, has evolved into many of you readers starting a part-time business. An ebusiness that generates money immediately, and continues to generate money month after month.

I might be making it too easy for you guys, but I’m a sucker for helping develop anyone who wants to be a psychedelic entrepreneur.

Here is my Amazon sales tracker for the first 10 days in September.  Nearly $1,500 and over 36% profit margins.  Averaging $145 a day, 7 days a week.



Here is my Amazon Sales report for the 10 days in September.



And these numbers are mild.  There are students of this blog who are surpassing me in sales.  And that’s fine with me.  This isn’t a competition between you and me.  This is a competition with yourself.

ebay-3Most of the happy students have been clicking on my eBay link to show their appreciation for this free, money-making information.  And I am eternally grateful.



Here are the results of the students of this blog clicking my eBay link.  As you can see, over $900 in commissions from eBay.  All based on students making sales on Amazon, and dropshipping those items from eBay.


book-coverI’ve even simplified this ebusiness in a step by step guide. The 60 day guide to $1,000 in monthly income.  Sign up for my newsletter and receive a coupon code for 50% off.

Until next time, thank you for being you.




References: Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki


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