Taking chances as You Grow Your eCommerce Business

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When was the last time you took a chance? A chance based on complete faith or blind love.
You know those moments in life where you say “fuck it, I’m going for it.”

Whether it be talking to that beautiful girl at a party, or investing in a business for the first time.  Taking chances is a natural part of life. We do it from childhood.

The results we have after we take a chance will ultimately shape the kind of adult we become.  Sometimes, things don’t go well after taking chances. That’s what makes the chance worth taking.

Last October, I took the biggest chance I had ever taken.  I decided to go into the Amazon jungle of Peru. I went there in search of this medicine they call ayahuasca.  A native brew, known for it’s deep, introspective hallucinations on the human brain.

More than a year of researching the effects of this native brew, I came to the conclusion that the benefits far outweigh the risk.
On top of the psychological and physical benefits of the hallucinogen, I also felt some sort of calling toward the medicine. As weird as that may sound.

So there I am, finally face to face with a full cup of ayahuasca. Time to find out what the big fuss is all about.

aya take chance

I chug the warm, bitter drink in two big gulps. It tastes like dirt mixed with cough syrup.

Now, I won’t bore you with details about the beautiful vibrant colors and indescribable geometrical shapes covering the night’s sky.

I won’t even bother saying too much about the aliens from another dimension and what they had to say about humanity.

I won’t describe the psychological breakthroughs I had during the 10 day retreat. Or even the complete sense of peace that came over me.

I’ll just say the information and knowledge accumulated was astronomical. But like slippery fish in a stream, ideas were hard to grasp.  Luckily the information was so abundant, that I was able to retain several life lessons to bring back to “reality.”

I’ll just go on to say that my life hasn’t been the same since.  A new sense of awareness has come over me. I’m suddenly very aware of the person I want to become. And for the first time, I know exactly what to do to get what I want.

It’s a strange feeling. It’s like I always knew what needed to be done, but now I am capable of taking action.

Throughout our life, we will be confronted with opportunities to take chances. Sometimes those chances will pay off, sometimes they won’t.

It’s how we react to the losses, and our willingness to learn from our mistakes that will help us defeat Resistance and conquer our deepest fears.

When I returned from the jungle, and attempted to integrate back to “the norm;” I couldn’t help but to be more aware of people’s complaints.

What before, seemed like reasonable day to day issues, began looking like what they really were; a nonsense, first-world, unappreciative way of looking at the world.

All of a sudden it became clear that most of people’s complaints revolve around money, or lack of money.

So I decided to begin writing this blog in order to help people make more money. Just so that they would be more grateful and complain less.

I decided to challenge myself. Having never written a blog before; I decided to write blog posts whether I wanted to or not. Whether people read them or not.  I write for myself, and that’s what you are. Another version of me.

From the experience I went through in the jungle, the “psychedelic entrepreneur” was born.

I want human beings to generate passive income in order to free up more time. Then I want people to use their newly found free time to work toward their creative passion.  Ultimately, monetizing your creativity and living the life of their dreams.

Think about a community that complains less, appreciates more, and exerts their creative ideas on a regular basis.

Don’t you want to be a part of that community? Luckily you are. Join our facebook group for continued support as you grow.

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Soon, I will be returning to the Amazon jungle where I learned to meditate. The meditation that lead me to teaching others to sell on Amazon. Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not.

Now to share my drop-shipping sales tracker for the month of August.  A total profit of $4,420.  Nearly 35% profit margins.  Averaging over $142 a day, 7 days a week.  A nice increase from last month.


Here is my Amazon sales report for the month of August…

book-coverSeveral readers of this blog have been checking in with there amazing results.  If you’re ready to grow a real profitable drop-shipping business, but not sure how to get started, I suggest you save yourself the trouble of reading through months of blog posts, and just buy my ebook.  The 60 day guide to $1,000 in monthly income.





ebay-3You are always welcome, but never obligated to use our ebay link before making each of your drop-shipping purchases. I am forever grateful. Each of your clicks reinforces my decision to continue writing this blog.

Thank you for being you.

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    1. No Sal. You’re going to have to find him yourself. He told me to tell you, he’s not that hard to find. Just ask for Buchard. lol!

      1. Yep, just started out with the dropship model after reading your blog, got about 30 items listed so far, took a long time finding the first products but i’m picking up speed. Hopefully i will start to see some sales soon. Been doing fba for about 5 months now. Can hardly belive its working when I live in Finland and never touch the items i’ m selling through fba. I think it is quite amazing that it is doable.

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