Amazon Seller Account Management: VA’s Experiences and Learning

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April 6, 2015. That was the day I started working with Jay. Though this is not the first time I worked with an overseas employer, this is the first time I dealt with a drop-shipping business. The process is simple and easy to understand. Aside from his Amazon business, I also manage his blog, social media marketing and other admin tasks.

Of course,  Jay did make sure that I get all the help and training I need to be effective and efficient with my job. During my first 3 months, Jay got me a training course from which indeed an extreme help for me.  I learned the basic things like how to interpret data from google analytics, how to conduct keyword research with market samurai, how to send  traffic to your website,  affiliate marketing, backlinking, etc.

create a profidable online store

Aside from that, Jay and I, attended Steve’s class on every Wednesday which helps us grow in managing his amazon account.  After every training sessions, we spend time discussing the things we just learned and how to apply it to the business. Every week, we  do evaluation. We do brainstorming, share our thoughts and then we strategize.

Challenges? We had a lot. However, Jay finds solutions to everything. The good thing about Jay, is that he allows me do my own decision, take responsibilities to find solution for my mistakes  and from there we grow together.  Jay never stops until he finds a permanent solution to the problem.

The first challenge we had was paypal. I can only processed few orders at a time because paypal won’t allow me to do more purchases for security reasons. He kept calling paypal until such time that the restriction was left up.

The second challenge was his credit card limit. We needed to  put his amazon account on vacation mode since a lot of orders were coming in and we can no longer fulfill it. Again, with Jay’s attitude towards challenges, he always finds solution. A lot more challenges came in such us customer returns, ebay cases, etc. However, we just need to acknowledge that challenges are there to sharpen us not to stop us.

So, how do we handle our amazon account?

LISTINGS: For me, this is a very crucial part of the process. Even if you are just listing an existing amazon product, you must bother some time reading the description and items included in the package. Let me show an example:


Be aware of the product title that say “with Harness.” The ebay seller sells the exact product with the same pictures. However, the ebay listing for this item does not include the harness.

Also, aside from the product description, take time to notice the reviews. If you happen to see low star review, read the comments. This product has a potential quality problem and  may trigger customer returns and dissatisfaction.

There are also listing in amazon that has high product reviews but the ebay seller is not selling the exact item. They may have exactly the same picture but has different product specifications.

How about making your own listing? When doing this, I take most time in writing good product description and features. Of course, I do keyword research for the search term. In the image below, this item has a brand name, “Arksen.” So, we don’t do piggyback in this case. I would rather create my own listing using the same product name but without its brand name. What I will do is, I will use the brand name in the search term instead. Just like this, “Arksen demolition jack hammer.”

jack hammer

BUYER’S MESSAGES: My personal target on this is to have an average response time of 1 or 2 hrs. It is very important to respond the soonest possible time since we understand that resolving a customer issue is a long process since we will need to reach out to our “supplier.” I don’t have an email template. My response is according to what the customer would say. I would sincerely tell them that we are always here to take care of them.

Also, since Jay is always in constant mood towards work efficiency, he sent me an iphone back in September. I was very surprise and of course very thankful as well. Upon receiving the phone, I right away  downloaded the amazon seller app. With this, I got on time notification on orders and messages. I can now response to order and messages in the timely manner.

RETURNS:  Our top priority of course is customer service. Since we don’t have control over our inventories, shipping and delivery, even the quality of the product itself, we always make sure the we keep our customers happy, well-informed and satisfied.

There are a lot of reasons for return and sometimes eBay sellers make the process a little bit complicated. We keep a list of those ebay sellers that handles our request in a timely manner and will definitely continue to list their products. We don’t really linger to those ebay sellers that were giving us lot of round for our returns and we cease doing business with them even if they have good products.

FEEDBACK:  Currently, we are 100% positive with 94 feedbacks. Yes, we received a lot of complains but never underestimate the power of an excellent customer service. Let me give an example.

I remember several months ago, a customer complained about receiving  wrong set of blankets. I’ve checked the ebay listing and I am pretty much sure that it was the correct item upon looking at the image. Later on, we received additional information from the customer that she was expecting 75 lbs blankets but receive only 45 lbs. She was correct indeed because the amazon listing clearly specified that those blankets weigh 75lbs but the ebay seller has the 45 lbs.

So we took full responsibility. Instead of returning it to the ebay seller, I offered her a discount for her to keep the item. She said that won’t work for her because she needed to purchase another set for it was intended for a project. Jay and I had a discussion. We decided to refund the customer in full amount and let her kept the item as a gift. She right away left a 5-star feedback stating that she was very happy with the way we helped her and felt so valued.

MEDITATION: We are all humans. As an employee and a full-time mother at the same time, physical, emotional, and mental stress is always part of my day. Jay made it clear to me that the most important part of my job is meditation. He said that I should not start any task unless I meditate first.

To be honest, I was never consistent with my meditation. Jay explained to me that meditation is just like doing an exercise. Sometimes, you get lazy to do it and that is resistance. As Stephen Pressfield said in his book , “The War of Art:”

There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What’s keeping us from sitting down is Resistance.”

It is not easy to overcome resistance. However, if you put your mind into it, it is possible. Again, it is easier said than done. My weigh is all over me when I am about to start meditating. I would feel not doing it at all but I have to.  So, i still need to do it whether I like it or not. However, the great and very rewarding part is after every meditation. The fresh and light feeling within you. A renewed mindset everyday. And a healthy spiritual life.  These things help me to be at my best in every task I do.

I never regretted meeting and knowing Jay. He always share his thoughts with me, his learning and personal experiences. He said that I am not working for his amazon business. His amazon business is just a way for us to get to know what really is the most important part of life. My real duty is to myself, to become a better me.

Jay is such a giver. Just imagine how many people he is helping with this blog. This is for real and he is for real. Good people really exist and Jay is definitely one of them.


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