Expanding your dropshipping business by introducing walmart as your supplier

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So you’ve been drop shipping on Amazon using eBay as your primary supplier.  You’ve been dedicating time and educating yourself on the process and now you’re finally seeing money coming into your account every month.

Now, you’re consistently making over one thousand dollars a month, but now it seems you’ve hit a wall.  You know that to grow your Amazon business further you need to get into privately labeling your own products, but maybe you don’t quite feel ready for that leap just yet.

Today I will share the perfect way to expand your drop shipping business by simply introducing Walmart as your new supplier.  In the same way you comb the pages of eBay looking for good products to flip on Amazon for a profit… Now you will be combing the vast, big box Walmart conglomerate for new products to flip for a profit.

Start by searching for things you would shop for yourself, or maybe something you want to buy, but can’t afford.  For today’s example, I combed thorough Walmart’s grocery isle.  If you haven’t yet applied and been approved to sell in the Grocery category on Amazon, this is a good time to do so. You can review how to do that in past blog posts or in my eBook.

I came across a product I had recently been tempted to buy at my local grocery store.  They were Grandma’s cookies.  On Walmart.com these cookies are $2.10 + $4.97 for shipping. Totaling $7.07.

cookies walmart

When I searched for the exact item on Amazon.com, I found that the listing exists, but nobody is currently selling it.  So I took the liberty of clicking the “sell on Amazon” button on the right column of the page.  Since nobody had the listing besides myself, I priced it at my own discretion. About a minute later my listing was live and I had no competition.

cookies amazon

Maybe you’re thinking that nobody would pay double the price for cookies you can get at Walmart.  Well, you’d be wrong.  People would pay much more than double.  Here is the proof.

The exact next day the item sold.  Actually, The item sold 3 times in 1 order.  As you can see in the image below, I sold 3 boxes of Grandma’s cookies for a grand total of $54.80. I purchased the same 3 boxes on walmart.com for $11.27. Netting me a profit of $35.31.  That’s a profit margin of over 64%; on a product I never had to buy inventory or stock.

cookies sold

cookies at checkout

It really doesn’t matter why someone would decide to impulsively pay so much money for cookies.  More than likely, this person values their time more than money.  So do we.

If you try this out and it works for you, please use my Walmart affiliate link to make your purchase. walmart

I’ve been doing this with countless items.  You can too.  All you need is to take action.  If you don’t know where to start, start by buying my eBook; The 60 day guide to $1k in monthly income. Join our mailing list for a 50% off coupon code


This is only a small example of how you can think outside the box.  This simple drop shipping technique, if applied alongside a strategic plan to invest the profits in growing a real profitable online business, can result in everlasting wealth.

If you’ve been successfully growing your drop shipping business, and you now want to get serious about growing an eCommerce business that will last for years to come, you might consider purchasing Steve Chou’s online course. This step by step video course will walk you through finding your niche, sourcing your product, and building your own online store.

create a profidable online store

So, why are you doing this? Why are you so interested in building a home-based business and gaining real freedom?  The reason is that you you’re feeling stuck.  You feel like there is so much more out there for you.  Well, there is.  So much more than you can even wrap your head around.

Somehow, we’ve all been tricked into believing that the only way to succeed in life is to get good grades, find a career job, and retire with some sort of pension. It’s pretty obvious that the world doesn’t work that way any more.

Since the information age has begun to come into it’s own, many of the world’s truths have began unravel. It is very clear that the government is not looking out for the interests of the people. They’re looking to accumulate more zeros on their computer screens.

This isn’t about taking a stance against government. This is about empowering yourself. Taking the time to take control of your health, your mind and spirit, to take control of your finances, and work toward freeing yourself in every possible way imaginable. Don’t fall into the trap of debt just to have pretty things.

I’m on a mission to help one hundred people learn to generate at least $1,000 in monthly income.  Let me know how your journey is going. I’m here to help.

Till next time, thank you for being you

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