Make The Decision To Build An eCommerce Business Already

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Today, I want to talk about making decisions. Throughout the day, we make so many decisions we can’t even count. From how many times we hit the snooze button, to what clothes we wear, to the food we eat, and so on. Not including the important, life changing decisions. You know, the ones we wreck our brains worrying about at night… Or are those the ones we make without even thinking?


What often happens to me is that, rather than make a definitive decision on the important things, I tend to put them off. Maybe because, I don’t think it’s so important at the time. Especially when it comes to doing something creative. It seems creative time always takes second place to pretty much anything else.

It’s much easier for me to dwell on the injustices, rather than move forward with ideas and solutions. Even though I’m at a stage in my life where I know how to solve problems; I know how to find solutions to anything that comes my way, I still struggle with doing the work.

I’ve read so many books that revolve around the idea of conquering fear, overcoming adversity, thriving through resistance and procrastination. I’m aware of it all, I have the necessary tools to follow through, yet more often than not, I can’t get myself to sit down and… write, draw, meditate, create…

Sometimes however, I gather up enough moxie to recognize a good idea and run with it. Last year for example, I started this blog. It was really hard to start and even harder to continue, but I continue to recognize it as something important that deserves my attention.

It deserves attention because of the amount of people that have reached out to thank me for helping them generate money online. I’ll tell you, it hasn’t been a whole lot of people who have read my blog, but honestly, it would’ve only taken one person for me to keep writing. Just one person who cares enough to read and implement the ideas I share.

I started writing this blog because I truly believe that we are meant for much more than to clock in and out of a job we hate till the day we die.

I know we’re meant to be explorers of the universe. We’re meant to solve problems and find solutions. I know deep inside yourself, you know this too.

Until recently, our entire human history revolved around a small group of people making decisions for the masses.  Although that small group of people is still trying to hang onto that old mentality, it’s obviously slipping away from them, as we now live in a time where information holds more value than anything else.

As more people adapt to learning and sharing information with each other, the more powerful we will become as a whole. And we will begin to see what this human race is really capable of when our decisions are based on love rather than fear. Information will flow like oxygen throughout mankind, and we will evolve faster and farther than ever before.

I just want to do my part by tapping into myself and creating something genuine. I want to be someone who says what he means, and means what he says.

I started this journey almost 2 years ago. I was at a point where my body was shutting down. I tore muscles in my arm and leg doing normal activities. I was in constant, severe back pain. At a desperate attempt to recuperate my health, I embarked on trip to the amazon jungles of Peru; where rumors of miraculous healing were filling the internet.

   Healing through psychedelic hallucinogens?… Interesting concept. At that point in my life it didn’t seem like much of a gamble, considering what poor results I had already had with western medicines. Losing my mind was not a concern because at the rate I was going, I was losing my mind anyway. Not to mention my body.

I didn’t come out of the jungle completely healed, but I came back with a huge sense of relief and a clear idea of how to heal myself over a long period of time. The plan was simple… I needed to quit working construction. To do so, I needed to build an ecommerce business that would generate money month after month from anywhere in the world.

In order to heal my body to it’s maximum potential, I would need to teach people everything I learned as I build my ecommerce business.


That’s it! The Amazon Jungle has spoken. I wonder where I got the idea to start my ecommerce journey selling on Could it be a coincidence that I return from the amazon with clarity on how to make money on amazon?  Maybe, maybe not. But I’m not here to talk about the wonders of the universe. I’m hear to heal myself.

So, I started with the basics. I started working a simple drop shipping technique where I put things up for sale on Amazon, and when it sells, I fulfill the order from a reputable eBay seller, keeping a small profit margin for myself. My initial goal was to make $100 a week. Which was accomplished within a month.

After generating thousands of dollars several months in a row, I decided to set a new goal. My goal was to help 10 people generate $1,000 a month using the same drop shipping technique. I surpassed that goal several months ago, and now I am looking to help 1000 people generate $1,000 a month.

Making a thousand dollars a month won’t solve many of your problems. Especially if you live in the US. But I promise you that if you learn to make a thousand dollars a month online, you can learn to make $10,000 a month online too. And if you can make $10,000 a month, you can stop working for your boss, and start working on being your best self.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’ve been writing about this process for over a year. I’ve gone through many obstacles and made many mistakes. I’ve always made a point of highlighting my mistakes, in order to help the reader be okay with making mistakes, not to make you avoid them. I also wrote an ebook as a companion to my the blog.

Now, in order to reach more people and to make myself more uncomfortable, I have decided to create an interactive video course; to make it even easier and faster to help you make $1,000 a month.

Here’s the thing, I have no idea how to create a video course, I am uncomfortable with the idea of recording myself, and will make any excuse to get myself out of it. And so, I am leveraging accountability.  In order to make sure I go through with this video course, I am posting my mandatory completion date. Also, I will be posting blogs about my progress until then.

July 11th, 2016 will be the due date for this video course… If you’re reading this, please help hold me accountable. In return, I promise to help you get started building the ecommerce business you’ve been dreaming about. Starting with the basics.

Anyone who signs up for our newsletter and leaves a comment on this post will receive a free coupon code for a copy of my ebook. The 60 day guide to $1,000 in monthly income. All you have to do is ask.


In life, there are no rewards, nor are there punishments. There are only consequences to your actions. Where will your actions take you?

Until next time, thank you for being you.

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6 thoughts on “Make The Decision To Build An eCommerce Business Already

    1. Hi Karmen, I’m glad that you like my blog and that you are learning from it. To help you even further I would like to give you this as a gift. Here is a coupon code that you may use to get my Ebook for free. just click on the book on my blog and add this coupon code so that the book will be free. Check your email for details

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      Hope to be hearing from you.

      – Jay

  1. This is great Jay! I already have your ebook. Paid full price for it. Still thought it was under priced. I don’t think people will appreciate it when it’s free, but what do I know? You do your thing. Thanks for everything. I owe you big!

  2. I can relate to this in so many ways. You awakened to your true power and by doing so, you are helping others to succeed with you. Looking forward to growing with you.

  3. I hope your health is better these day.

    Your idea to blog for a method of accountability is brilliant. I had the same idea myself, only I thought of posting on FB to really put the pressure on. LOL.

    I get so sidetracked and distracted, not TOTALLY due to a character flaw, but I blame it mostly on information overload that is so prevalent in this day and age. Plus, my personality insists I look at EVERY possible entrepreneurial revenue source, and then when I focus on one, I feel the need to look at EVERY method used in that arena, in order do it perfect the first time. It’s a flaw called perfectionism. LOL.

    Through all my diggings into what’s really stopping me, I come up with great analyses and logical reasons–but truly, a large part is maybe fear of success. So I hope to deal with that, maybe even share it publicly in order to face and conquer fears, at the same time I force myself to jump into something like dropshipping (better than I have in the past) in order to improve my family’s life. Maybe I’ll make it a challenge I need to conquer. Idk. Wish me luck. 😉

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