The Best Dropshipping Course in the history of Dropshipping

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I’m currently on a journey to help one thousand people generate $1,000 a month, 100% online. I’ve been helping people via the psychedelic entrepreneur blog and via my ebook, The 60 day guide to $1,000 in monthly income. So far, I’ve received confirmation from dozens of readers that have reached the $1,000 a month target by following and repeating the few simple steps I talk about.

In order to help more people and also challenge myself, I have decided to build an interactive, step by step video course, designed to get you on the road to $1,000 a month as soon as possible.

This course will be designed for the entrepreneur at heart. For the person who is fed up with the career path they’re on. For the reader of “the 4 hour work week” who just doesn’t know exactly how to get started, and is hesitant to invest money in ideas they’re not so confident in.

This drop shipping course is designed to generate money, month after month without ever investing money or having to stock inventory. The idea is to get your foot in the door of eCommerce. Get you generating at least $,1,000 a month using this one, repeatable method.

Once you get your feet wet, by generating money every month, you can begin to invest the earnings in expanding your business. You can invest the money in inventory or to further learn new eCommerce business strategies. More importantly, you’ll be able to invest in yourself.

It makes all the difference in the world when you’re able to prove a concept without risking money first. When you can just see the energy you put in, blossom to actual ones and zeros on your bank statement.

This is strategically designed to get you results first; as you build momentum and confidence. Allowing you the necessary head space to create new ideas. Eventually, monetizing your genuine ideas, and living a truly free life. A life that isn’t dependent on a company; whose sole interest is the bottom line.

This course isn’t just about learning to drop ship. Honestly, once you understand the basic concept, anybody can figure this out on their own. Or learn from other sources. There are plenty of people out there teaching others how to start a dropshipping business.

This course is about empowering yourself and taking personal responsibility for everything you do. Including, the amount of money that you generate.


I have certain obstacles when it comes to building this online video course. The biggest one being that I have no clue how to build a course. Another obstacle I have is my own resistance. By nature, I tend to put things off and give into procrastination, and rationalization.

After speaking with several of you already, I know that you struggle with the same obstacles as me. Just getting yourself to do the work.

And so, I am taking certain precautions to ensure I not only complete the course, but have it be a success for you.

To begin this process, I have taken on professional help. Yes, I purchased an online video course on how to build an online video course.  Genius! I love the internet.

The course is called “Courses That Convert” With Amy Porterfield. I read good things about her on… you guessed it, the internet.

So far, I’m working on week two of the 60-day course creation project plan.

Calls to action include choosing a course completion date. I have chosen July 11, as this is exactly 2 month from my start date.

Finding seven high-quality potential students to interview via Skype. 

So far I have found five very helpful people to help me gather information to make the best course possible. I was able to reach out to several potential students via my psychedelic entrepreneur Facebook group and the small email list I have gathered throughout a year and half of writing this blog.

Identifying my secret sauce.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I have a no-bullshit approach to teaching. I just don’t know how to build suspense. I just tell you what I’m going to tell you. I tell you. Then I tell you what I told you. That’s my secret sauce.

Creating the perfect course outline…

With the help of my small group of followers, I have received extraordinary feedback on what you want and need from this course. I intend to build the best course possible. Built to your specifications; it will include everything you need to know about starting a cash flow eCommerce business without investing any money on inventory or storage.

This course will also guide you through the process of becoming a great Amazon seller, in order to avoid getting your account suspended for any reason.

This course will teach you a simple drop shipping technique that leverages the power of and to help you understand the basic fundamentals of business. We’ve heard it before, right? Buy low, sell high. Stock deep, sell cheap.


Literally, this course will teach you how find and source products from professional eBay power-sellers, then list those products for sale on at a higher price. When it sells, you change the address of the recipient, get it delivered directly to your Amazon buyer, and you keep the difference. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is easy, but even the easiest things in the world require guidance.

This simple drop shipping technique works because it works. There are over three hundred million people in the US, and we all put different value to different things. As you may already know, Americans are very emotional when making purchases. That’s not going to change anytime soon, and we’re banking on it.

The idea is simple. Buy low, sell high. Except in this case, we’re selling high, then buying low. Removing the emotional rollercoaster of risk.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Dropshipping Course in the history of Dropshipping

  1. Great idea to do a video course. I look forward to seeing it!

    I’ve sold on eBay since 2008, and just started on Amz a few months ago. There are groups on FB with lots of gold nuggets about selling on Amz, but it is info overload, and many different styles of approaching it (simple dropship, FBA, retail arbitrage, private label, etc.)…I swear it gives me chaotic electric connections in my brain. LOL.

    A course that isn’t high prices, and that simplifies one method that actually works (brings home some bacon) is greatly needed.

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