About Me

“The Psychedelic Entrepreneur doesn’t have a job.  She has a life to live.  She is devastatingly aware that people seem to be caught in an endless loop of driving to work, driving home, paying your bills.  And doing it all over again every day, until you’re too old to do it any more.
The Psychedelic Entrepreneur refuses to fall into this sad trap of pointless debt just to compete with the Jones’s.  She realizes that wealth isn’t something that comes with hard work alone.  It comes with education.  Financial education, business education, and education on human behavior.
bff8e-jadiel-aedo-psychedelic-entrepreneur-2The Psychedelic Entrepreneur is an understanding, compassionate person who believes in helping those in need.  Mostly because she knows that by helping others, she’s really helping herself.
I started this website to spark that creative, passionate side in you.  I believe we all have it.  Yet some of us are afraid to show it. I want to promote facing your fears and becoming the person you were meant to become.
Starting a business can be scary, but doing so changed my life.  I know it can change yours too.  It’s a long, confusing road to building a successful business, let alone a life.  But there are people who are dedicated to help others succeed.  I just want to be one of them.”