How Isolation takes meditation to another dimension

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How do you feel about isolation?  Most people would associate that word with torture, or loneliness. Today, I’m talking about purposely isolating yourself in an isolation chamber.  Have you heard of these things? I’ve started floating in an isolation chamber about 4 years ago. With extraordinary benefits to report. Including, but not limited to increased ability to compartmentalize issues in my life, and finding adequate solutions. If you’re unfamiliar with it, imagine a large box […]

Sensory deprivation tanks. Floating toward business growth.

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Meditation is a great tool for organizing business tasks, as well as personal tasks. If you’ve attempted meditation, you probably know it’s very difficult to do. Breathing and focusing on the moment is easier said than done. One of the biggest challenges I have when meditating is avoiding distractions. We rarely think about it, but we are constantly being bombarded with distractions. From email and text messages, to phone calls, traffic, commercials, odors… With this […]

Magic Mushroom

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A Wonder Drug for Positive Mental and Physical Health Benefits Magic mushroom, infamous for producing colorful hallucinations when consumed in small quantities because of the presence of psilocybin may hold the cure for many chronic mental disorders.